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Understanding your brain

The Numbing of 2020 Does Not Have to be the same in 2021

We have seen it all around us and we all have even felt it to a lesser or larger extent in ourselves this past year…especially when working from home minus all the stimulation and movement!! I have added a couple of pointers to make the transition just a little easier into 2021, understanding your brain and modern-day toxicity.

Your Brain

We won’t discuss the brain as an organ but concentrate on how best to support it, to not only function optimally, by adding just a few simple changes to our daily routine but maintain that past old age.


Sleep is the No 1 factor we really need to zoom in on, into 2021. Good quality sleep and enough of it! Why??

Your glymphatic system is an important waste clearance system for your body and your brain uses this system to drain the toxins away while you sleep. Each night, during deep sleep, the brain shrinks and gets washed with cerebrospinal fluid, and this waste is carried through the glymphatic system and gets moved into the peripheral lymph. While this is happening, the system is also bringing nutrients to neurons and removing toxicity out of the brain. This system is how our body keeps neurological degeneration and disease at bay, and is one of the most underappreciated but vital systems in our bodies.

Well other than being a newer understanding it also shed light on so many other factors as to why good sleep is so important and then of course how best to help this process. We all know hydration for the brain is crucial – good healthy water and enough of it as the brain is pretty much all fluid anyway – so here is your first tip.


  1. Drink a glass of filtered water as soon as you wake up!! Simple enough to do. One easy way to remember to drink water in the morning is to fill a glass or water bottle in the evening, and put it next to your bed before you go to sleep. When you wake up you can have instant access.
  2. And my tip, if you can afford to, drink a glass of water at night at bedtime for the same reason simply add magnesium to help improve that sleep:


Your brain shrinks over 60% every single night when you sleep. If your brain shrinks to help the glymphatic system move toxins out of your body, then you have to help the brain fill back up with healthy fluids. Not only will this be essentially vital to your glymphatic system and brain health, but you will also find yourself more awake and alert every day.

And then finally managing the role of chronic infection affecting our brain health every day…

Chronic infections are infections that persist triggering your Immune responses (autoimmunity) and possibly may target brain over time. These infectious microbes secrete exotoxins and wastes that attack the vulnerable parts of the brain, causing neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia also over time. The build-up of toxins further weakens your Immune responses and causes gaps in the protection that your Immune system is trying to provide. The result of this long-term damage starts with memory loss but result over time in worse.

The Imsyser tips of the Day

  1. There is no denying that ensuring your very best brain health is maintained from within the gut so a healthy gut plus a heathy set of Microbiome as supported by your best probiotic is the first place to establish balance:
  2. And if toxicity is a given, ensure you manage that by using a product that has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier and destroy all infections, quickly and effectively in a few days, and, as naturally as possible:

We don’t have the luxury anymore of ignoring brain health as this is the disease of the future and for many that is starting sooner than expected due to higher levels of modern-day toxicity. Managing hydration is simple enough. Sleeping is a choice – put off the electronics! Clean up, detox and maintain – it’s that simple when your healthiest wholefood supplement choices are considered:

Go safe! Go well into 2021!!!

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