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Understanding Potassium & It’s Importance

It lowers Blood Pressure; relieves muscle cramps; reduces risk of kidney stones, strokes and heart failure to mention but a few. It is an essential body salt needed to conduct current in the body(heart , muscles and nerves), restore pH and regulates water in and out of the cell.  Crucial body functions to say the least.

Very seldom do children suffer deficiencies but when adults indulge in medications, these type of deficiencies set in with the resultant depression, high blood pressure, mood swings, fatigue, muscle weakness & cramps to mention but a few. Since we are a generation of ‘salt abusers’ this too could aggravate these conditions. There is a fine balance between Potassium and Magnesium, controlling cellular activity.

Diet is always of crucial importance but if you are battling with any of these issues we suggest your uptake of food sources high in this mineral: Bananas, fresh oranges, fresh grapefruit, guavas, figs, raisins, dates, dried apples, peaches & apricots, melons, tomatoes, avocadoes, red pepper, various greens, nuts & seeds, beans, Salmon& Sardines various herbs such as Coriander & parsley and Spices such as Turmeric & Paprika.

Once again it boils down to Nutrition! You are only as healthy as your diet is. You can control this and therefore your health. Make a difference for yourself; you owe it to yourself.

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