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Imsyser is dedicated to help with all kinds of health issues.  With our joint venture with 4phat, we would like to introduce this product as an ideal meal replacement for all of those moms and dads on the run.  It is even an amazing product to add to a lunch box. We have used these products ourselves and found that they are an extremely effective weight management tool. Sharing more info on the products:

“4phat is excited to launch with our DCD™ Nano Range, the first of many health and nutritional products under the 4phat label.  The Nano range is a slimming range consistent of DCD™ Hoodia Gordonii, Capsicum, Green Tea extract, Sceletium Tortuosum and Piper Nigrum.

Shake-it is loaded with Patented Pro-biotic’s, Patented Digestive Enzymes, Patented Flax Fiber, Patented Erythritol. It’s high in Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids. And it’s Sucrose FREE, Lactose FREE, Glucose FREE, Fructose FREE, Maltodextrin FREE, Cholesterol FREE, Trans Fat FREE and Soy FREE.

Available in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours. 

For more on the products, visit our website to order or view.  Why not consider replacing your daily meals whilst on the run, with a really effective nutritionally supported product, that will enhance weight loss, but at the same time keep you nutritionally optimally functional.


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