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Truly understanding the ‘Hidden Value-add’ of Probiotics

Skin Renewal, Acne & Probiotics

Once again, it came to my attention just how amazing a really good probiotics is. Visiting my sister, this past week, she reminded me of just how effective the Imsyser Probiotic has been the past 2 years in the life of her now 20 year old son.

After battling for many years and many treatments from the skin specialist including Roaccutane for the skin  – when he forgets to take the probiotic – eruptions start, irrelevant of treatments or not. And in this case, we are actually talking about a youngster that lives and eats well. So, what we are clarifying is the fact that even the best nutrition and loads of water as he was trained to do was not enough to manage the skin condition.

At Imsyser we often advise clients to even use the Imsyser Probiotic on their skin for acne, toxic skin reactions and eczema cases and have experienced incredible results. But, there again, if you understand that we are literally “walking microbiome”, it leaves very little to wonder about. And, of course, the fact that these microbiome need constant replacing (from the bad ones especially in the gut) and replenishing, using a really good many-stained brand like Imsyser is also a no-brainer!

Probiotics & Your Mind

So too, we have seen numerous positive results when it comes to anxiety, depression and energy levels going through the roof by merely adjusting your microbiome to not only incorporate a more diverse range of strands that might or not be deficient or need replenishing. And as we are very much aware of, most of us are taking strain to a lesser extent these days, old and young!!

The “Chemical Imbalance” or did I mean Microbiome Imbalance??

Chemical reactions through our neurotransmitters, carrying the nerve impulses are totally dependent on microbiome to help the processes happen. Serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), our mood and anxiety regulators need a healthy bacterial balance to function properly.

Apart from breaking down food and absorbing the nutrients, where our microbiome are the biggest players, the health of these related to digestive enzymes that help to also breakdown the food. The “enzymes” are often probiotics that break down the food, assist with the absorption and creation of many vitamins, such as vitamin K to mention but one.

Probiotics also help create the essential chemicals our bodies need to function, including the neurotransmitters. The gut also houses our second brain, known as the enteric nervous system (ENS). The ENS is part of the PNS, (peripheral nervous system) as opposed to the CNS (central nervous system or the brain and spinal cord). This second brain has around 100 million cells and is connected to the CNS via the Vagus Nerve. Information thus runs up and down this system using the good bacteria to ‘communicate’. No communicators leads to poorly met needs elsewhere.

A probiotic imbalance, be it too few of the good bacteria and/or the wrong bacteria in the gut relates to imbalances on almost every imaginable level in the body from the outside on the skin to the inside be it the gut or the brain.

The Shift to Shift your Change

Balance the good bacteria and you will balance the chemicals, change the gut, change the skin and reduce the anxiety with a huge array of other health issues in-between. We need to have a healthy gut bacterial population or microbiome. You are after all as healthy as your gut is; or your microbiome are….

You do need to ensure we have the correct probiotics in your gut and we need to understand that our modern life does not allow the majority of us to get the probiotics we need from our environment and or our foods and, during this Pandemic, excessive cleanliness is destroying our natural microbiome.

You do need to supplement with a good probiotic daily – no arguing this – it is ensuring you have the best probiotic, working from the mouth, all the way to the lowest end of the digestive tract, readily bio-available, to do the best damage control, soonest. It is that simple! Quite simply its Imsyser. Simply call 086 010 3859 to find out more or simply click here:

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