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Do You Have Toxic Waste??

Imsyser Intestinal Cleaner Colon Colon autopsies show it and now studies prove it. Even if you have a regular, daily bowel movement—you may possibly have many pounds of hardened, toxic, bacteria-laden faecal matter stuck in your intestines!

Breakthrough study results from the Department of Organ Surgery and Gastroenterological Clinic in Denmark, reveal that millions of people unknowingly have these large “faecal reservoirs”—which back up your entire colon, anus and rectum with solid faeces.

This causes “bloating, abdominal pressure, diarrhoea and gastric discomfort…” These layers of dried up, dirty faecal matter are the REAL cause of your digestive nightmares…

And no synthetic laxatives or enema can get this toxic, rotting mess out of you!

Imsyser’s Deep Intestinal Cleanse has a solution – 7 day detox routine cleansing 2 x/ day without dietary changes other than drinking enough GOOD water to remove this build up. Seeing is believing what waste is actually removed in this process. 

Follow the procedure with Imsyser’s 12 strain pro & pre-biotic liquid to replace lost good bacteria and thereby stabilise gut activity.

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