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Toxic Overload

This Winter Make It Your Clean Break From Toxic Overload

Most of us have accumulated toxins, irrelevant of the winter slack, that leak into the blood from old putrefied waste in the large intestines. I would like to go as far as saying that even with the most perfect of intentions we have no choice but to pay attention to the toxicity surrounding us from the air we breathe to the water we drink of the thoughts we think!

Most of us have intestinal fermentation, plain rotting over time of the old impacted waste, an overloaded liver, that seldom gets intentional cleansing from most, and even parasites. No! not as you have been taught are parasites some deep dark African issue but very relevant for most first world countries and has been identified with scientific studies to be very much linked to many of the prevalent cancers of the day.

Total Toxicity

This type of continuous build up from all of these various toxic load areas leads to low level toxicity manifesting in chronic inflammation. This inflammation in turn will contribute to a weakened Immune System, Brain fog, Joint pain, chronic Headaches, chronic Fatigue, poor complexion, Anxiety and degenerative health conditions, including Cancer.

What to do?

  1. Deep intestinal Cleansing 4-6 times yearly or at least seasonally!
  2. Liver flush preferable as often
  3. Heavy metal flushing 1 – 2 yearly
  4. Kidney flushes also 4-6 times yearly
  5. Daily cellular flushing  
  1. Deep Intestinal Cleansing

This mucous (mucoidal plaque) and waste would normally be gently expelled out of the body but unfortunately many of us do not consume enough fibre daily or even drink enough water to assist with this natural process. This might even start at young ages, especially if poor lifestyles and choices are followed by the parents, so that by the time we’re adults we could be walking around with kilos( anything up to 7kg!!!) of putrid waste in our bodies that we’re not even aware of. Putrid since if this waste does move as with anything that does not move will become so…

Not only are we then battling with waste issues OUT, moving out of the body, but this layer also interferes with good nutrient absorption INTO the body, normally throughout and along this gut lining. This is the reason why unhealthy conditions persist even when we change to healthier diets.

This layer MUST be removed first to facilitate all healthy movement in and out of the gut, DAILY!!! Even after renewed lifestyle have been established ; even if we are eating very healthily and taking all kinds of health supplements, waste needs to be removed so that the ‘good’ can be effectively be absorbed?

Are you your own TOXIC DUMPING PLACE??

A compromised gut is a compromised Immune System. All health stems from the gut and all Immunity from within the gut. We also have other serious consequences resulting from this bad build-up and compromising of the gut such as our mood changes and emotion discrepancies resulting. And one of the biggest tell tales is a modern-day society stricken by depression or worse including youngsters battling with ADD and worse.

  1. Liver Flush

Since the liver is the main cleansing organ everyone can benefit from a liver cleanse which can improve many skin conditions, hormonal imbalances and overall health. A gallbladder flush and the removal of gallstones is necessary for weight-loss, most auto-immune conditions, skin conditions and even many digestive conditions:

  1. Heavy Metal Flushing

Each of us has accumulated heavy metals to some degree during our life which means everyone needs to make a proactive effort to remove heavy metal accumulation. Here we suggest a daily supplement such as the Chaya greens (powder for smoothies/capsules/tea leaves) or if you would prefer to cleanse with a smoothie or shake the Geva Range.

In both cases the long-term use may be continued for everyday use as the added benefits for the products are extensive over and above the value add of a heavy metal detox. And if this remains too expensive at least get yourself a activated charcoal product/ bentonite clay and make this your nightly endeavour towards better health. A flat teaspoon in a tall glass of water is all it takes.

  1. Kidney flushing

Those with a history of urinary tract infections and symptoms of excessive night-time urination may benefit from a kidney and bladder cleanse. I like to take a simpler solution by adding a lot of lemon juice to my water daily as well as increasing the intake of enough good, living water. Parsley tea brew added to the water is also excellent for kidney flushing and the greens mentioned previously will also help here.

  1. Cellular flushing

A wholefood supplement designed for modern day Auto-Immune Diseases where the true value of this amazing unique supplement lies in the value add of a daily internal cellular detox to re-establish internal cellular balancing whilst simultaneously supplying all the essential wholefood nutrition needed for optimal Immune functioning in all immune compromised clients.

Imsyser is not just for people suffering from diseases; Imsyser can also be used as a beneficial food supplement or as part of a healthy nutritional program.



Made from medicinal plants such as Aloe Ferox, Hypoxis, Patatos & Water-Soluble Omegas straight from mother earth, designed to detox at cellular level, then feed/support by finally STABILIZING the Immune System NATURALLY….This is a WHOLEFOOD Nutritional Supplements thus providing 100% potential nutritional uptake.

At Imsyser we care about our clients’ health. What we do is not different, how we do it, however, is what makes us different. Our products are unique. Our products are 100% natural. Our products are safe to use for all ages.

What makes them unique is that they were developed to support the body’s own natural defence system, your Immunity, through effective gut health. For this purpose, we have 2 unique products that not only assist in deep intestinal cleansing but also in optimising gut health through probiotic support.

Once gut health is established, Immunity is established, and with the introduction of the Immune support tablet, nutritional demands are met through wholefood ‘essential’ nutrition. Not only does this product offer 100% natural Immune support nutritionally, but it also optimizes Immune activity by ensuring a gentle daily cellular detox, which produces optimal energy output at cellular level. This combined effect of Gut and Immune support ensures optimal health is not only attained but also maintained daily, 100% naturally. We call this 3-product a daily health/detox kit and together they do wonders for your health. For more call +27 (0) 86 010 3859

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