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Toxic Overload – What Is Your Toxic Source

Toxic overload?

We are all ‘toxic’ to one degree or another. And detoxification is something everybody needs to learn about. Modern day toxicity is not forgiving any longer and we wonder why almost every condition is classified under the banner: AUTO-IMMUNE.

Water your toxic source?

Most people drink chlorinated tap water. That destroys your digestive tract. That is one of the biggest things for creating cancer in the body. And when we are not drinking water in this format we are taking it in plastic bottles of poor quality, toxic releasing compounds!! GOOD WATER is key to GOOD HEALTH!!

Nutrition your toxic source?

The foods we eat are mainly packaged and highly processed. Food on the go the modern way. This is not only ‘dead’ food but a potential source of toxic overload. If you don’t eat live foods that a high vibration, then you can never become a high vibrational being. You cannot have the energy you want. Dead foods create death. Live foods create life.

How to treat this toxic overload??

At Imsyser Health we always advise our clients to do a deep intestinal cleanse every three months. Followed by a liver flush. This cleanse not only assists in removing all toxic mucoidal plaque but also super naturally improves energy levels since the very toxic lining we are removing is not only the place of ‘pollution’ but also the very same place for the best nutritional uptake IF CLEAN and healthy.

Visit for more on this amazing 7-day gentle detox product or for your free ‘recipe’ to follow to do your liver flush.

And then, last but not least, ensure that a similar cleansing is being achieved at CELLULAR LEVEL for optimal balancing of your Immune System. A healthy Immune System is your KEY to optimal health EVERY DAY!! 100 % NATURALLY, always!!

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