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Toxic Dumping & Health Busting With Imsyser

Modern day Toxicity

Modern day living means we are exposed to pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxins, toxic Dumping & Health Busting With Imsyser, and all the hidden causes for ‘dis-ease’ and lack of energy, we all are so fully aware, of almost all the time these days!! Some modern day doctors are eventually agreeing with the rest of the health professionals that toxins are at the core of numerous health conditions. We the Imsyser team believe it is rather important to follow a program for detoxifying, starting with a parasite cleanse all the way through to a liver flush. We ourselves have experienced massive changes in our health following these routines.

There is literally toxic overload being directed at us from every imaginary angle in our homes and from all around us – in the  air we breathe, in the water we drink and hidden in most food sources. Pesticides and household cleaners are common causes of toxic overload. Your liver is a potent detoxifier and knows how to get rid of some toxins, and for this reason a regular almost seasonal liver flush should be done to assist the liver in this process. Follow this recipe at Products you use in your kitchen, your bathroom, your garage, and garden can cause nervous system disorders and increase the risk for Cancer. For further liver support we always suggest a liver supplement to support liver functions.

Your Liver

Your liver works ( at night!) where the gut works during the day. Always processing. It deserves your best attention especially with modern day toxic overload. And that’s not even talking about that we think  about = auto-toxification, especially if we are not checking our thought processes ALL THE TIME!!

The Food we Eat

We are not going to even mention the ‘baddies’ in the food industry but concentrate on those lesser known evils. Mercury overdose can cause liver and kidney damage, and neurological symptoms like multiple sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s disease. Mercury can contribute to heart disease, auto-immune problems, depression, and an under-active thyroid. This in itself should explain the raised statistics of hypo-thyroidism in both women and men. Over the last 50 years, mercury toxicity has risen due to its use in industrial and agricultural applications.

Mercury Poisening:

Mercury may also be found in fish resulting from our polluted waters. Increased numbers of fish have been found to contain these pesticides. Also note that some fish oil supplements may also contain toxic ingredients. Some companies are using expensive techniques to remove all detectable levels of mercury and pesticides from their supplements. Only buy fish oils guaranteed to be free from these toxins.

Then of course the classic: the mercury in “silver” amalgam dental fillings. Fillings become especially dangerous when they crack or disintegrate, or when they are removed improperly. At that point mercury can leak into your bloodstream and lungs. Mercury is also found in some thermometers, cosmetics, fungicides, pesticides and some vaccines (one of the supposed reasons autism is one the increase).

Removing toxins, metals and any unwanted ‘creatures’ thus becomes crucially important. For the parasite cleanse ( we suggest a seasonal cleanse) we suggest you follow a programme of at least 6-8 weeks of cleansing and detoxing to effectively remove these unwanted creatures. Dr Hilda Clark a very famous expert in detoxes believed most dis-eases have their origins here. Imsyser sells a 2 week parasite cleanse in liquid form for this purpose. Remember all parasites lay eggs and thus the reasoning of at least a 2 week cleanse. Thereafter we suggest a tablet range for ongoing weekly (1 X/week for further toxic release and health support). For more on this call Liza at the HO @ 086 010 3859. Bio-feedback from clients has suggested that this has noticeably and interestingly increased their weight loss in this time period. Parasite are a ‘real’ problem especially with the increased demand for Sushi. It is not a worm problem but a parasite problem.

What is eating you???…

And final remember that as always the deep intestinal cleanse cannot be ignored for the release of the toxic waste accumulating in the hardened gut mucoidal layer. By removing this layer you remove you own toxic ‘dumping place’ and after 7 days a huge energy release might be experienced as nutritional uptake is improved and of course waste is dumped. For more on this product visit Truly amazing results have been recorded. This product may even be taken daily in smaller dosages to ensure optimal daily intake of fibre to assist this removal over a longer period or as needed.

To remove heavy metals a substance first needs to bind to the toxins and then eliminate them through urine or faeces. This is where the Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse is just perfect for the job. Numerous studies have shown modified citrus pectin or Bentonite Clay seems to be effective at removing lead and environmental toxins including radiation metabolites like plutonium and strontium. By removing toxins from the gut, modified citrus pectin/bentonite clay prevents some of these toxic substances from entering the bloodstream and becoming trapped in tissues where they can do more damage. Whether you’ve been exposed to environmental pollutants over the years or have gone through radiation therapy, modified citrus pectin/bentonite clay can be an important step in removing some of these toxins.

For more on urine/kidney flushes also visit the Imsyser website.  A kidney flush might be supported by drinking at least 2 – 3 L of water and even better, assisted by a good dose of fresh lemon or some freshly made parsley tea.

Various detoxes are possible but keep in mind that it needs to be followed through with healthy lifestyle choices EVERY DAY and of course by exercising. By exercising or moving you are improving circulation and assisting the lymph to drain all of this toxic release at cellular level.

The Imsyser product range was designed to support detoxing. No supplement has the ability as does the Imsyser Immune System Stabiliser to assist in a gentle cellular detox, ensuring an optimal cellular balance is maintained and thereby improving Immune functioning. An excellent product for most auto-immune conditions. And as we all now auto-immune conditions all have their origin in toxic overload.  Once again visit for more on this totally unique but truly amazing product.

Our office contact details: 086 010 3859 for more on any of these products.


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