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Toxic Awareness

Yearly Seasonal Impact

Having been away from the office for a mere 4 days has increased my awareness of how everyone everywhere is talking about toxic exposure. I believe it is partly Covid awareness, realizing that the underlying trigger in most exposed cases was the underlying fact that in most immune-compromised cases, toxicity is causal. Partly too, this is the area most discussed by more health professionals than ever before, but so too, it is the yearly seasonal awareness of the need too cleanse from any and all toxic build up. Biblical speaking, it even lines up with cleansing fasts lined up with the new seasons.

What most don’t understand, is that only if you have been ‘regular’ in this type of constant cleansing year in and year out is the seasonal approach,  enough. For most, however, years’ worth of toxic  waste has slowly been building up and only once the initial ‘dis-ease’ triggers, does level of awareness kick in, when under the guidance of a health professional that knows and understand true Immunity to restore Immunity as part of the healing programme. Most of us, in reality, is a complex result of toxic build-up over years. But the good news is that that it is never too late to start…   

Anxiety is our number one Toxin

With the latest explosion of data in neuroscience genetics, the microbiome, and toxicants, along with the new understanding of the role of the limbic system and vagal nerves treating anxiety, your worst enemy, has become easier too treat. By resolving these root causes, from a toxicity level, you improve your mental and emotional health in the process of improving Immunity and energy levels. Let’s face it; the no one problem in society is these two triggers – lack of energy and compromised Immunity resulting in disease.  Then deal with optimising your healthy microbiome and the body should ‘self- heal’ as it was designed to do with time.

Common symptoms too look out for:

•          Environmental toxin exposure due to pesticides, mold, heavy metals, additives and pollutants in food, water, products and air.

•          Chronic anxiety and various emotional issues

•          Dependency on ‘drugs’ yet no results

•          Chronic constipation and gut discrepancies like leaky gut & IBS

•          Chronic infections, parasites, candida?

•          Chronic excessive use of alcohol, sugar & gluten

•          Chronic exhaustion.

To mention but a few signs/symptoms, but mostly I have noticed when all health attempts have failed with or without the use of drugs there should be a great turnaround in finding the solution in toxic removal. This does not necessarily mean long-term fasting, excessive special diets but a gentle move in establishing the root cause to the problem by removing all toxic load, micro and macro.

How can Imsyser help?

Well, in the first place, our products are natural and wholefood based which helps reduce many of the so-called toxic additives. So too, most of our products were developed, many years ago, understanding toxicity as the causal factor to low grade toxicity where parasites and other infections like Candida are functional in destroying Immunity all the way through to larger more obvious build-ups like that found in years’ worth of toxic build-up lining the gut, compromising Immunity and/or heavy metal toxicity doing pretty much the same over time.

From the Parasite cleanse, always a first step:

BITLY PARASITE …………to the Low grade cellular toxicity:

BITLY TABS & BITLY VS………………to the removal of heavily impacted toxic waste in the colon:

BITLY CLEANSE………… the heavy metal toxicity:

BITLY CHAYA & GREENFOOD ….TO SIMPLY OPTIMISING YOUR GUT AND BODY HEALTHY MICROBIOME (which is crucial in the larger scheme of health equations):

BITLY PROBIOTIC….Imsyser Is There For You! Simply call 086 010 3859 or click here:


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