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To Salt Or Not – health tips from the Imsyser Team

Sharing some interesting facts with you

Salt has been named the enemy in diets since the early 1900s.

Researchers have however found no link between mortality and eating too much salt. It is however about which salt you use that makes all the difference.

Table salt is so processed that all that’s left is sodium and chloride. Most processed foods and restaurants have table salt. Salt complicates your digestive processes and is treated as a toxin to your body. The immune functions kick in and healthy cells are affected.

For healthier options, rely on the natural salts in many fruits and vegetables or try a natural alternative: Himalayan salt… no processing or chemical transformations.

We do need sodium for healthy body functions. A deficiency can cause problems with your digestive and nervous systems. Your metabolism needs salt and joint flexibility too. Natural salt also contains essential trace elements. They help prevent serious health complications…like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer.

This year the Imsyser team is concentrating on alternate choices. The healthier ones. We would like to help all master a healthier lifestyle and this is but one of our many advisory articles to help put you on track for the year 2015.

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