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Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday tips

As we gear up and down for the year end, we have as a rule a lot more partying happening at work and in our homes. What to do, to maintain optimal health, and manage weight to the best of our ability in these times?

It’s all about choices!

So, my first advice is always to ‘choose’ well. For instance, you might choose a platter of veggies and humus as opposed to chips and dips. Simple little choices that are not only healthy but fill you up before the meal even starts. Choices such as taking soda with you liquor and even alternating with a glass of water in-between. Once again choices!! Maybe choose a healthier desert like fruit and skip on the sweets. Always choose to cut out sugar!! This one tip could not only be a life saver but affects the waistline – always.

Let’s not repeat ourselves…..Water, Water, Water!! You know ! So, do it!!

What about a little activity?

There is no reason not to do a little something. Just enough to kick start the metabolism even if it’s a short walk with the family of friends!! A little is better than nothing and keeps everything going, believe it or not, even when you are tired!! Its my best ‘pick me up’ during the crazy year end tiredness.

And then finally…

Use your probiotic EVERY day! If not only the best health tip of the year, increasing digestive functions

(and waste removal from the gut perspective) but also as a good energy booster. The value of a daily probiotic should never be undermined and the feedback from our clients using the Imsyser Probiotic as part of a weight loss/health program is truly amazing. Not only is health improved with the control of Candida but also weight loss is activated. Just the value of getting aggravated constipation cases going after years, is well worth the effort!

It is after all, all about gut health, always!!

And finally, if you just don’t abide by the rules and don’t fibre up enough daily, take your Imsyser cleanse as a daily fibre-up, just halving the dose only once a day. It’s easy enough to do; does not disturb your bowel movements and it works 100% naturally every time, all ages!

and then ready to go, go, go…

Tot up on your daily supplements to boost your energy levels; kick start your metabolism; manage your health; do a daily gentle cellular detox (crucial during holidays!!); and, finally if you have a little hangover just check the results when you take 6 Imsyser tabs before the party and 6 thereafter …..


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