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Tips On Male Weight-Loss

Tips On Men Losing Weight.

If your testosterone levels are low, or even just slightly lower than normal, you can actually raise them without taking testosterone itself. Zinc (30-50 milligrams daily), vitamin A (40,000-50,000 IU daily), and boron (3 milligrams daily) can help, especially in younger men. For some men, the herb Tribulus terrestis (250-750 milligrams daily) can improve testosterone and free testosterone levels.

Health TIP: It’s important to work closely with your doctor if you decide to try testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone can significantly increase the growth rate of pre-existing cancer that might not have been detected. So, it’s important to have your PSA level checked before you start and then have it checked again in a couple of months. If it goes up more than a little, you might have uncovered pre-existing prostate cancer.

All of these nutrients and herbs are available in natural food stores, vitamin shops, and through numerous online stores.

Obviously this runs hand in hand with enough water, GOOD LIVING WATER, a healthy pH, health life style, enough exercise and good rest

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