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Thyroid – An Auto-Immune Condition

That nasty little modern day auto-immune condition labelled ‘thyroid’!! It does seem as if this ‘trend’ is growing with almost every second diagnosis labelled thyroid issues. Sad but true is a modern day issue and, as with modern day, goes ‘lifestyle’ and choices. The age-old conversation that us as the Imsyser team are trying to…


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That nasty little modern day auto-immune condition labelled ‘thyroid’!!

It does seem as if this ‘trend’ is growing with almost every second diagnosis labelled thyroid issues. Sad but true is a modern day issue and, as with modern day, goes ‘lifestyle’ and choices. The age-old conversation that us as the Imsyser team are trying to create awareness in.

Let’s face it is not nice when fatigue drags you down day after day or you seem to suffer the classic ‘brain fog’, weight gain, chills, or hair loss. Your thyroid gland does have a hugely important job as the regulator of body and mind and this condition is not only affecting women these days but seemingly men and even children as well. Thyroid hormones affect nearly every organ in the body and can influence how quickly the heart beats. Whether it be the main culprit Hypothyroidism, or Hyperthyroidism  where the heart actually speeds up and you can feel equally ill as is the opposite when you are tired all the time; the point is that you do not feel great and the long term results are mostly not great either!

Thyroid disorders

Thyroid disorders can have a noticeable impact on your energy level and mood. Hypothyroidism tends to make people feel tired, sluggish, and depressed. Hyperthyroidism can cause anxiety, problems sleeping, restlessness, and irritability. Hypothyroidism may also lead to dry skin and brittle nails; numbness or tingling in the hands; constipation and abnormal menstrual periods.

When left untreated, hypothyroidism can raise cholesterol levels and make you more likely to have a stroke or heart attack. In severe cases, very low levels of thyroid hormones can trigger a loss of consciousness and life-threatening drop in body temperature. Untreated hyperthyroidism can cause serious heart problems. Then usually other factors start playing a role and generally a vicious circle of events results all leaving you feeling quite rotten!!

Mostly I have noticed that health practitioners who know what they are diagnosing will go to the core of the problem: a problem with the pituitary gland. And this in turn stems from chronic stress and a state where everything literally everything crashes and/or comes to a standstill in the body and the rest is what follows. The pituitary gland produces thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), which tells the thyroid to do its job. If your pituitary gland does not produce enough TSH, levels of thyroid hormones will fall. Other causes of hypothyroidism include temporary inflammation of the thyroid or medications that affect thyroid function.


So, if you are being treated by a health practitioner, always check and manage the pituitary, first. Dealing with stress and its negative results should be a lifestyle issue as most of us and even the children have to deal with this every day of their lives. If lifestyle and diet add to the stress levels the body is being placed under even more strain to perform. To assist in some changes resulting in the long-term solution,  I always say NEWSTART:

Good Nutrition! Exercise preferably daily! Enough Good Water! Enough Sunshine! Temperance and that age old forgiveness! Healthy Air! Rest! And last but not least Trust.

 You will notice that most of this actually entails ‘choices’ and that is usually the difficult part as the rest on the health side we actually talk about all the time in our industry. Choices are YOUR job!

 So let’s start cleaning up our act slowly but surely making these choices starting with a good old detox. The Imsyser products are by now well-known in the industry as the No 1 choice in this regard. We all do have to supplement daily so why not choose a 100 % Natural product like the Imsyser probiotic, a daily MUST!! And finally why would you choose any other supplement when the Imsyser tablets is the best known Auto-Immune controller of the lot?


With these simple basics we are starting to function in a different realm, assisting the body.  You will find with a little assistance your body knows what it needs to do NATURALLY; it’s a GOD-given fact!

If you are diagnosed with hypothyroidism, your health practitioner will most likely prescribe thyroid hormones in the form of a pill. This usually leads to noticeable improvements within a couple of weeks. Long-term treatment can result in more energy, lower cholesterol levels, and gradual weight loss. Most people with hypothyroidism will need to take thyroid hormones for the rest of their lives.

I am suggesting a different approach. No thyroid medication, as with any medication, when take as a chronic medication should be automatically be stopped. But you sure can wean yourself off these under medical supervision and start trusting the more natural alternatives. I did. I take a daily dose of ‘kelp’ to assist myself and the rest of the assistance  – well as above!

Your thyroid needs iodine to work well. I take a small affordable supplement to assist and it’s that simple!!

It is a more tedious journey but well worth investing in and I should know. Been there. It is maintenance upon maintenance but in the long run ALL systems benefit and modern daily living with all its ‘topsy turvy’ states of events becomes easier to manage as well.

Imsyser is the 100 % Natural range to invest in, not only for starting up for a cleaner, healthier 2017. Imsyser is also the product range that allows affordable management of healthy body systems, for all ages. Visit www.imsyser.co.za or simply call 086 010 3859 for more. The Imsyser aims to serve.

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