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Thoughts, Emotions and your Gut

The Power of our Thoughts and Feelings

Our Thoughts and Feelings are powerful. Dynamic forces that influence every aspect of our lives and are a major causative factor in either the health or dis-ease of our body and mind. How we feel and think about ourselves, is what we become. Unresolved anger, irritations, resentment, fear, guilt and lack of forgiveness are the sources of most illnesses. No medicine, supplement or ointment can compare to the power of changed thoughts.

Having said this and purposefully working at conscious changed behaviour; none is possible without paying attention to your gut health.

Information runs from the gut up to the brain.

For years the educated physicians believed that your brain is the controlling ‘machine’ sending all information to the body along the Vagus nerve. However, the truth is quite the opposite: all information runs from the gut up to the brain. So, a healthy gut is EVERYTHING!

How do we ensure a healthy gut?

One of the very first lines of defence is to establish the good health beneficial bacteria. Not only the ‘ruling’ party in the gut but also the unique combination of the various strains that naturally should or would exist in the gut, are present.

Modern day diets don’t allow for enough of the necessary beneficial bacteria through our plants since the original depletion is at soil level and affecting the health of even the youngest. In fact, it is a fact that if mommy’s gut is compromised so too is the little one, literally from birth, and this is almost a core depletion that is extremely difficult to rectify at a later stage. Rectification is on-going with most us obviously totally dependent on your use of anti-biotics, diuretics or worse.

Then we have the sickly toddlers, erratic scholars (ADD) and students of all ages battling with school, maintaining proper nutrition and worse, huge concentration issues. If nutrition is deplete even the best of the beneficial bacteria will not make up for the deficit at digestive level. The latest trends from discussions with mother has been a rude eye opener listening to mothers battling with teenagers visiting psychologists, aggressive erratic behaviour and the latest, bipolarity or similar issues. These are really scary realities and I will go as far as saying it needs to be rectified at core: your gut!

How do we do this?

Good bacteria (Probiotics) is core. The best probiotic, taking into consideration that it is one of the latest researched and on-going projects taking the symbiotic relationship between prebiotics, probiotics and symbiotics into account, is the Imsyser range. 12 Strains of a slow-brew, fermented, all-natural nature, that is not only time sensitive but also temperature sensitive till perfect harmony is established on release.

Because of the unique nature of this brew it is not affected by stomach pH and is a live mix that literally works from the mouth all the way through to the lowest end of the gut. Establishing good health all the way. Not only is the throat protected with core winter flu attacks on our airways but also the classic ‘female’ issues that women deal with regularly.

The product is safe for ALL ages and results over the past 10 years have been this side of miraculous.

Is this enough?

No not really! Especially, if your diet is compromised, you do need to do a regular gentle detox cleansing of the intestines. For this purpose, Imsyser also has a 7-day deep intestinal cleanse; gentle with no dietary changes needed; no diarrhoea is expected or impeding of normal daily activities or movements.

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