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Think and Eat Yourself Smart…

One of my favorite authors and incredible mentor is Caroline Leaf. She is not just an extraordinary professor of all the brain issues ever diagnosed and treated but also a pro in dealing with the emotional/spiritual side of healing. And so, not to compromise her work, I am sharing this extract….and if you care to notice we are almost all of us battling with these conditions at any one stage of our lives:

“So what are some of the signs that our body is in toxic stress?

Digestive Issues.

As I discuss in my book Think and Eat Yourself Smart, our mind and gut are acutely interconnected, and thus happiness, joy, and pleasure, as well as anger, anxiety, sadness, and bitterness all trigger physical reactions in our digestive systems. As a result, when we are stressed we can often experience digestive issues such as a change in appetite (such as craving sweets because they can boost our serotonin and make us feel better), a loss of appetite, bloating (such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or IBS) and constipation.

Foggy Thinking.

If we get stressed about being stressed, our brain tends to go into overdrive, which can hinder our ability to think clearly and reasonably about the stressful situation we are facing. Indeed, “foggy thinking” is often associated with uncontrolled stress—the hypothalamus doesn’t tell your brain and body that things are okay, so they are constantly working overtime to just try keep you on your feet, which takes energy away from actually thinking clearly about and figuring a way out of the situation at hand. This often leads to an inability to concentrate at the task at hand, headaches and lack of flexible thinking from low oxytocin and dopamine levels.

Erratic Energy Levels.

Many people experience low energy levels when they are in toxic stress, which impacts their ability to deal with the situation at hand. On the other hand, some people become extremely hyper when they are stressed as a way to keep distracted and ignore the problem they are facing, which can be equally destructive when it comes to dealing with toxic stress.

Having said this, I do suggest you read her book, it is amazing! Or simply download her videos off YouTube.

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