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The Value of Probiotics…Candida Problems

The Value of Probiotics for Candida Problems

Candida is known as an “opportunistic” fungus because, given the right conditions, there’s no limit to where it will spread. This can cause serious damage to your organs and tissues, including the brain and kidneys.

The result of Candida overgrowth, related parasite infections and bacterial overgrowth:

exhaustion, weight-loss, insomnia, anxiety attacks and various other unrelated health issues.

The modern-day trends in the market place along with Candida…1 in 3 has

  • bacterial overgrowth
  • parasites
  • an auto-immune disease of some sort
  • multiple infections at the same time
  • Antibiotics are common in the last 5 years

The Real Problem

Candida is ‘strangling’ as a virus and as a disease. And often very difficult to shake off. Scientific studies have shown a huge correlation between parasite activity and preventative probiotic usage as a tool to overcome and manage the problem. Diet of course is always crucial especially managing sugar intake.

And with Imsyser Health Products we have had tremendously successful results with affiliated dieticians who have included the probiotic not only as a daily maintenance for health and weight issues but also as a very successful tool against Candida and various viral load issues. Imsyser is a 12-strain fermented liquid probiotic totally uniquely designed for the very best prevention and treatment of most gut health issues. All ages can use the product.

The Value of the Parasite Cleanse

Last but not least is the issue of getting down to basics when you are battling to get rid of chronic complications with no resultant solution of any kind. ALWAYS go to the parasite cleanse to find a solution. Parasite cleanse is not some deep dark African problem but a very relevant issue especially with those who love Sushi and are big on Banting. None are exempt from these issues as parasites are everywhere.

Nothing that a simple 10 day cleanse cannot sort out and for that matter should be done as a matter of on-going disease prevention at best.

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