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The Rise of the Super-bugs…how to Increase Your Defenses

The Rise of the Superbugs; how to Increase Your Defenses

You know how fast sickness spreads during cold season. Lightning fast. Sometimes it goes around so fast you’ll get sick twice or more in a month or so especially if your Immune System is compromised.

Eventually you recover but this is not so any longer. Doctors keep on prescribing antibiotics in cases where none are needed since the problem is of a viral and not a bacterial nature and Bacterial strains are becoming more drug-resistant at an alarming rate.

The age of antibiotics is over.

Humanity’s God-given defenses against these species are over. Our Immune Systems are so compromised we have gone over to the opposite of most previous immune discrepancies of the past.  Modern day Auto-Immune diseases to the front.

But what if multi-drug resistant disease started circulating the way a cold does? Listeriosis was but a mere tester in this regard. Humans can pack their bags because most will not survive this “antibiotic apocalypse.” Infectious disease will once again rule the planet.

Natural Defenses

There are many NATURAL ways to strengthen your defences. It is going to be these non-drug treatments that keep humans alive and well securing our children’s future, our living legacy. Not the dying kind we are being faced with, with modern day auto-immune diseases and conditions.  You do NOT have to fall victim to infectious disease the way so many people will.

How to protect yourself with IMSYSER

If you want to protect yourself and your loved ones from these antibiotic-resistant diseases, optimise your own Immunity. Not Boost!! Optimize. This in reality means that your secure good nutritional input that secures good Immune functioning but at the same time you secure a gentle release of that modern- day toxicity. Preferable all at the same time, happening day in and day out.

For this of course Imsyser has the ultimate product: Imsyser’ s Immune System Stabiliser Tablet. Designed to do exactly this.

Your children your living legacy

Childhood is hard, especially in today’s highly demanding world. From early on, many children are trained to enter the rat race, compelled to live up to certain ideals of success, beauty and productivity. It is unsurprising that these ideals, often solely focused on more and more and more….. young people are suffering from panic attacks, anxiety and depression, and more and more children feel that suicide is their only way out.

You owe health to your children in the most natural form possible. Wholefood nutrition where Mother Nature has been so crippled that good nutrition is hard to come by.

Imsyser to the rescue: 086 010 3859 or simply 

Imsyser is dedicated to making a difference in your life.

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