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The Power Of GOOD Gut Microbes!

The Power Of GOOD Gut Microbes! ….And I mean POWER!!!

Sharing some more titbits from “Brain Maker” by David Perlmutter in uncovering the powerful interplay between gut bacteria and the body.

“Some of America’s best scientists have been charged with exploring how changes in the microbiome are associated with health and conversely, disease.   Moreover, they are studying what can be done with this information to help reverse many of our most challenging health problems.  Although the project is investigating several parts of the body that host microbes, including the skin, the most extensive area of research is focused on the gut since it’s home to most of your body’s microbes and, as you are about to discover, a centre of gravity of sorts for your entire

It’s now undeniable that our intestinal organisms participate in a wide variety of physiologic actions, including Immune System functioning. Detoxification, Inflammation, Neurotransmitter and Vitamin production, Nutrient absorption, signalling being hungry or full and utilizing carbohydrates and fat.   All these processes factor mightily into whether or not we experience Allergies, Asthma, ADHD, Cancer, Diabetes or Dementia.   The microbiome affects our Mood, Libido, Metabolism, Immunity and even our perception of the world and the clarity of our thoughts.   It helps determine whether we are fat or thin, Energetic or Lethargic.   Put simply, everything about our health – how we feel both emotionally and physically – hinges on the state of our microbiome.”

So the question remains is your body healthy and dominated by so-called friendly, beneficial bacteria or is it sick and overrun by bad, unfriendly bacteria?

In both case you still need a daily dose of good bacteria. If all is good we need to maintain and stabilise, but if not well, then quite a bit more work is required, but still you need a daily dose of good bacteria!

The most amazing thing is that Imsyser Microbial Liquid Stabiliser comes in a brown ( to keep the effects of sunlight under control) 500 ml bottle enough for the whole family to use daily. Even babies can use this amazing product( use a 2ml dropper) and with slightly older children if they don’t particularly like the taste, camourphlage with a little juice. They will be none the wiser yet that much healthier and see them thrive at school and sport.

Visit the Imsyser website  for more on this amazing product that is completely unique in its production containing 12 strains of good microbes in a unique cocktail utilising pre & probiotics as well as very much needed digestive enzymes to assist in healthy digestion.

This product works. It lasts (once opened can be used, opened, for up to 2 months)! And best of all needs NO REFRIDGERATION. Helps for IBS and all the above mentioned signs and symptoms. Affordable! You cannot find better anywhere.

Call IMSYSER @ 086 010 3859 if you need more assistance in an regard.

So the question is, have you had your Probiotics today?

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