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The Perfect Water Equation By Imsyser

Distilled Water unlike most rumours heard these days is the Best Water to Drink !

Steam Distilled Water = water boiled, evaporated, condensed and dripped through Activated Charcoal.  All memory is stripped from the water and any deposits or liquid toxins are removed inclusive of Estrogens, Fluoride, Chloride, Uranium and Mercury.  These elements cannot be stripped by normal filtering processes.

Other than Steam Distilled water, Glazier Water is the cleanest water with the highest natural energy equalling the body’s natural frequency.  As with food so too water has to be ‘tuned’ to the body’s natural frequency for efficient usage.  Frequency water is wetter water and thus has easier access into the human cell.

With high toxidity due to lifestyle choices the necessity for a good detox becomes more necessary than ever.  Distilled water will strip these toxins out of the cells and hydrate more effectively than any other form of water.  To replace the natural minerals, we need plants and nature.  To hydrate effectively we need frequency water!  All cellular functioning becomes balanced with the preservation of a healthy body miro-voltage (energy flow through the body = 6 micro semens) and by stripping waste at cellular level, natural energy is optimised.  Today with our high salt diets, we run our bodies at 12 – 30 micro semens volts thus the increase of cardio disease and body dis-functioning.

This in turn will assist with Cardio & Circulatory diseases; Kidney Malfunctioning; various blood discrepancies; brain disorders etc. producing a high energy blood flow through the body stripped of all the evil waste present in modern day water supplies world-wide.

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