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The “NEW” Powertrip …. Beware the NEW drug Ayahuasca!!

The “NEW” Powertrip …. Beware the NEW drug Ayahuasca!!If you haven’t  managed to read the latest article on ‘AYAHUASCA’ in the Marie Claire JAN/FEB, PLEASE DO!!!!!

Not only have I had personal exposure to people using this drug because in reality it is a very old drug originating from the South Americas. It has not been researched enough! Dangerous!! Its only just not possible to have yourself locked up when found in your possession as the DMT ( a hallucinogenic) in itself  is a drug but the brew remains unclassified as yet. I have spoken to a highly qualified nuclear physician, Professor Mario, who is not only from the South America’s and knows the drug, but also has seen its horrific results. AYAHUASCA remains a drug, as does Crack and all the other baddies, highly addictive and totally mind-shifting.

The purpose of the drug is to mind shift from a state of depression or bipolarity ( usually there is a major discrepancy anyway) but when used to shape the minds of the users whilst under the ‘influence’ for hours where they supposedly astro-travelling, well this then becomes dangerous. This could be a massive open door.

As prof Mario said, the mere fact that buckets are placed at these camps lining numerous mattresses on the floor of these camped farms,  writhing bodies moaning and groaning for hours as they face their demons, vomiting continually. How can that be good for you. And then even more importantly who is your spiritual master talking and monitoring you when you have committed to a drug, holding you in some state out of your body for hours. And rumour are some have died! Still it remains scary!! and it is highly addictive at that. Now you have another problem!! This is a DRUG and its dangerous. I have seen adults lose their sane minds in the process to the extent that there normal reasoning leaves them and in certain cases actually start believing they are G-O-D! well oh well this says it all!!

There are so many healthier options of doing a deep body and mind cleanse with natural healthier  products that are not addictive . Eventually our sense of truth is so twisted and stilted that you never really fit in anywhere any more. Even more scary is that some parents are allowing this to be administered to the teenagers kids as young as 10 – 15 years right here in Pretoria. This is madness. There is no control over the brewing or additions of Ayahuasca. In the meantime the police do not know how to handle it until such time as much worse occurs. And there have been a few attempted rapes as well.  Please do yourselves a favour and at least google this, before attempting this.  This is in my mind attempting mid-evil habits with very dangerous potential.

This seems to be the woman’s ‘new trend” – don’t do it ladies– you have to be a true example to you kids with this type of help what are you teaching them? What happened to good old fashioned family counselling sessions where you lay it all out there for the family to assist you in you ‘bad space’ and the worst part is how qualified are these supposed ‘shamans’ often struck off the role as pastors to this. Spiritually you re extremely vulnerable and even the hardiest of cases I have witnesses have not seen permanent release for themselves long-term.

If in doubt ask you dr but I am sure that this is not the future of our people, well without destruction!!!

And to top it all it is very expensive – a weekend of 4 ceremonies plus sleep over costs a good R6000 rand!! At the end of the day according to prof. Mario this is just another drug! And if your body needs to repel it on intake; there is much left for contemplation….

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