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The Natural Order Of Things ..

Good Bacteria

We know that the body is in reality riddled with bacteria, literally the good, the neutral and the ‘baddies’. The body was designed this way and more specifically the gut. Organs are influenced by Immune dynamics by such gut microme. The bacteria and fungi that colonize the gut have co-evolved with humans for millions of years. Most of them work together in neat symbiosis protecting us against pathogenic micro-organisms and helping us carry out key metabolic functions. They dictate our nutritional intake but also our Immune pointers and whether or not we’re able to handle resultant potential Inflammation. When however discrepancies happen the Immune response leads to the body turning on itself i.e. Auto-Immune and various  disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis,  diabetes, cancer, lupus etc. result.


The discrepancy might be from the outside (epi-genetics) as influenced by our diet or the mere depletion within the gut due to outside influences such as anti-biotics that destroy natural colonisation. Beyond the gut lies a universe of bacteria colonizing every part of the human body, all with the potential to induce breaks in Immune functioning resulting in modern day Immune discrepancies such as these.

10 years ago we might have had a hand full of the Auto-Immune conditions usually in the shape of the big 5: Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Conditions, High Blood Pressure, HIV etc. but today there are literally thousands on record and then as such the only logical explanation must be : lifestyle.

Imsyser health produts to the rescue

Imsyser has a unique product range designed for this modern day problem since our products assist in managing Auto-Immune conditions by a unique 3 step process:

  1. 7 Day Deep Intestinal Cleanse ( may be taken daily as well);
  2. Restoring the Gut microme with a 12 Strain Pre & probiotic Liquid designed to mimic healthy gut microme as per original strains; &
  3. Immune Stabilising Tablets that assist in a regular cellular detox whilst maintaining optimal Immune functioning with all the necessary essentials.

For more on these amazing products visit or call IMSYSER @ 086 010 3859. Imsyser products assist in the necessary detoxification process whilst ensuring the natural order and balance of Immune System and bodily functions is enhanced.

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