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The Mind And The Power We “DO” Have Over It

The Mind and the Power we ‘DO’ have over it in ALL our circumstances.

Having read the underlying comment (and sharing accordingly) I more than ever believe if we are to bring total health and well-being into continued existence ( and make this our living legacy!!) we are going to have to work with ourselves in all its capacities…..Body, Mind & Spirit…all in alignment with God.

“The stress, doubts and uncertainties while reflected against external factors, stem mostly from within, stemming fundamentally from a self-sabotaging fear of being found out. The problems may be external, they always have been. They are perhaps more complex than we have ever been asked to face before and certainly seem to come at an increasingly faster pace, but we have always been called upon to face challenges and solve them. That is fundamentally what makes us human… the ability, and willingness to find creative solutions to problems.

If it were not so then we would still be huddled naked and shivering in our family communities as we watched the unblinking eyes of predators just beyond our cave entrance. We have come a long way and probably have exponentially further to go yet. We can only do it with belief in ourselves and hope in our future.”

Imsyser’s Perspective

We here at Imsyser so often share on the physical aspect of health with our amazing product range to back us. Occasionally we will deal with ‘soul’ issues and share something ‘nice’ and uplifting. But the deeper issues are the ones being addressed here and this is really where all the trouble starts and ends. It is a BIG issue and ‘working at ourselves’ daily has not become something to be considered as a passing of time but a crucial necessity and reality.

Dr Caroline Leaf

One of the best in this industry, in my mind, remains to be an ex-South Africa, dr. (professor) Caroline Leaf, a forerunner in the industry when it comes to the mind, the sub-conscious and even more of the deeper related issues. To tell you what she specialises in would take forever but she is definitely the person to be following on FB, on YouTube, and for that matter, to be reading when you have the time to do such.

The Solution

With modern day living and literally never having enough hours in one day this woman makes it quite simple for us – she has various videos on YouTube all more interesting than the previous and she really delves in boots and all. I yet to find such ‘true’ teachings and such clear-cut success stories when you come to the place of realisation that YOU CAN DO IT!! Yes, I say that again, you can do all the healing you want and need with a little help and understanding of who you are, knowing and understanding your calling in life and most importantly your unique positioning in this world as a very special human being designed for exactly this time such as NOW.

Please don’t waste anymore time on me; just go there. Healing always starts on the inside and you’ll be surprised how well she ties inner healing with digestive inner healing.

Otherwise call us for more on any of these subjects. The Imsyser team aims to assist as best possible to total healing in all its capacities. 086 010 3859.


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