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The Importance of Water

Dry mouth is not necessarily an indication of dehydration. Water is a crucial solvent, necessary for every cellular activity from birth! We were created from within water and are made up of mostly 80 % water therefore a crucial necessity! We are not talking about water in a drink of any kind but actual ‘live water’ . And therefore crucial for brain activity which is also mostly water.

We give ‘fluids’ to our kids and the sick in hospitals replacing it for this essential living water we need over and above the fact that it is normally sugar-laden!! Or some type of a sugar/ sweetener and not only confuses the body with false starts/ insulin peeks and therefore the same body responses! Guess what happens – weight increase as if you were taking a sugar without all the negative side effects of modern day evil sweetness!!

Drink water! Living good healthy water. Our body needs it we need it if we intend extending healthy living for an extended time. Prevention of disease is the aim of the game and Imsyser is dedicated to this mission statement. You are what you eat or more correctly what you drink.

Make sure your water is laden with good healthy minerals. Water gives life! For more advice on how to do this call our HO for simple this simple advice. Be healthy Be Hydrated!!

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