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The importance of Good Bacteria in your gut…

.Importance of Good Bacteria

No person can survive without healthy GUT bacteria. Every single disease starts in an unhealthy gut! Why? Well 80 % of your Immunity comes from within the gut. It makes sense that the first place to look for the root cause of most diseases would be in the gut.

Which is why healthy gut bacteria is our first line of defense against disease. One course of anti-biotics kills both the BAD and GOOD gut bacteria for at least 6 months. Having a serious colonic flush can put you back by up to 2 years to where you where. Not where we are heading for a good healthy internal gut Eco system.

What is the most natural way to supplement with good bacteria?

We boost our healthy gut bacteria with probiotics and healthy gut food (usually your plants) on which the healthy bacteria flourishes. By doing this we re-establish the internal fight between the good and bad bacteria in favor of the good bacteria, your ally! By doing this we fight disease the natural way.

Unfortunately we need to supplement daily with good bacteria. Because no matter how healthy you eat you will find that man unfortunately has allowed the eco system to fall apart and the ‘good’ that we used to get from our plants (and soil) is no more!

And of course, if you have to use chronic medicine especially antibiotics, you have to replace the good bacteria immediately with probiotics. Remember the fight is always on the inside!

Imsyser’s 12 strain Pre and Probiotics

Using Imsyser’s 100% natural liquid 12 strain Probiotic you ensure a continuous healthy GUT is maintained at all times. With the added benefit of working from the mouth all the way through to the lowest end of the colon. It not only works literally instantly but with bio-feedback from our clients we have literally seen and heard of miraculous results and testimonies.

Is a healthy eco-system enough?

Generally yes but with modern day toxicity we have found it best to have a regular detox. When our intestine is constipated or needs detoxing, we also use Imsyser’s Colon Cleanser to detox and clean our intestine. A 7-day gentle detox removing all the old, putrid impacted waste lining the gut.

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