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The importance of a deep colon cleanse

The importance of a deep colon cleanse should not be under-estimated. As long as your spleen, liver, large intestine and kidney are healthy, you will be far away from many auto-immune conditions, cancers, diabetes, heart attack , high blood pressure and more.

Keeping the Spleen healthy must be top priority; your first line of defence. Your spleen and liver work hand in hand; both dependent on healthy lifestyle choices to stay healthy. Your spleen ensures:

  • Clearance of microorganisms and particulate antigens from the blood stream. A Detox.
  • Synthesis of immunoglobulin G (IgG), properdin (an essential component of the alternate pathway of complement activation), and tuftsin (an immune stimulatory tetrapeptide)
  • Removal of abnormal red blood cells.  

Your Spleen is the organ that manufactures blood. This happens in your sleep between 12am and 12pm. Therefore, rest is crucial. Lack of such affects your spleen and liver health and could quite explain the elevated cases of non-alcoholic liver diseases. Bad lifestyle choices in food just aggravate this. Toxicity an even worse add on also needing regular attention.  

The importance of Colon & Liver cleansing

Liver cleansing is not for the faint of hearted but if your are battling with any liver discrepancies this is the place to start:

And then don’t forget about the Intestinal health. Any sign of constipation even daily movement is a sign of ill-health. Your liver and gut takes turn around the clock managing your health and are torally interdependent on each other.

Colon cleansing is crucial

Deep colon cleanse
Deep intestinal cleanse

The daily intake of fibre is not enough. Water of hydration is also not enough. This increases daily movement but does not remove the old impacted daily waste. Thousands of diseases are caused by the inability to perform the daily passing motion through the large intestine. If your large intestine is in good shape, in the morning, you will be woken up by the movement of your large intestine – between 5am and 7am – our large intestine most actively performs its functions.

Most health resorts or cancer clinic, cancer and or dis-eased patients go to sleep at 9pm. Sleep is core but so too, the large intestine should automatically wake you up between 6am to 7am. Constipation already exists if you only go once a day. Once the food is maintained inside our system for 12 hours, it becomes poisonous with the interference of bad bacteria, parasites and ‘rotting’ over time. And if this poisonous waste is not passed out, it is absorbed by the large intestinal wall, which then sends it back to the liver, thus, damaging our liver.  There is a direct relationship between our liver and large intestine.

The importance of Colon & Parasite cleanse

If old waste does not move out of you, you will not only eventually feel bloated and, over time, start feeling tired. Bad bacteria and parasites feed off this state of bad health. Not only does this manifest in a larger waistline over time as all detox organs fail, but fat starts building up around organs, worsening the ‘fat trap’ holding the toxins in place around your organs. Highly advisable to do a regular parasite cleanse from season to season:

With the Imsyser Deep Intestinal cleanse over 7 days, the impacted waste being removed. Other cleanses might create movement and or diarrhea but not strip impacted, old, toxic waste. Depending on the severity of your condition, old waste being removed down to the old mucoidal lining. Until now impacted with toxic waste. Therefore unable to function properly. Improved digestion and energy as a result. Weight-loss as result of impacted toxic waste removed. Anything between 2-7kg have been noticed.

Imsyser’s Deep intestinal cleanse is unique

This amazing detox product has stood the test of time in the industry 12 years and counting. It doesn’t cause unnecessary discomfort or pain just gently stripping the waste over 7 days, to its healthiest original version. Various herbs assist with the cleansing, detoxing and healing of the digestive tract whilst cleansing take part.

For more on this unique product simply call 086 010 3859 and ask for any advice. The cleanse is also available countrywide and Nappi-coded for easy purchase through medical aids.

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