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The GMO Industry as discussed by the Imsyser Team

The Imsyser team would like to share a good article or viewing point as discussed with a health team in the natural industry

“The GMO industry is a typical example of how an industry, once it gets started with an apparently ‘good idea’, has difficulty in stopping, despite warnings to the contrary. And there are lots of serious warnings. How much evidence is necessary before governments take notice, and why is it that some countries, based on recommendations from scientists, have banned GMO while other countries, particularly the USA and our own, continue to support GMO and its distribution around the world.

The problem has to do with an assessment of risk vs benefits, and to whom the risk and benefits apply.  This is a massive grey area where corporate profits, government involvement in these profits, and the risk to the health of the public very often at odds with each other. This results in a line often being drawn in favour of big corporations’ profits rather than public safety.

Do we even need science to tell us that pouring billions of litres of chemicals into the environment is dangerous to human health? Clearly it is dangerous, the questions are ‘how dangerous?’ and ‘does it matter?’ If the bottom line is profit, then only that matters; if the bottom line is human health then that is another matter. Generally it is not difficult to tell on whose side your government is.

With the experience we already have with antibiotics, do we need more science to tell us that micro-organisms and pests will develop resistance to anything thrown against them, and that the resistant organism and pests will over time be even more dangerous to humans that the preceding organism and pests?

The health risks of glyphosate found in the pesticide Roundup is now associated with the following:

  • DNA damage
  • Premature births and miscarriages.
  • Birth defects, including neural tube defects and anencephaly (absence of large parts of the brain and skull)
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Non-Hodgkins lymphoma
  • Disruption of neurobehavioural development in children, including attention deficit disorder and attention deficit  hyperactivitydisorder.

The damage is slow and insidious, taking many years to manifest, and this is why the Agri-business giants are getting away with it all. They do short term studies (just as the pharmaceutical companies do with drugs), which do not show up the problems. The body has astonishingly powerful detoxification mechanisms, which accounts for the very slow onset of cancer and other chronic diseases.

So, risk vs benefits is not at all straightforward. Sixteen to twenty thousand Americans alone die from the side effects of anti-inflammatories every year. The medical profession think that the benefits are worth this risk, otherwise these drugs would have been taken off the market long ago. To the individual, the question takes on another dimension. Is the risk of dying from a bleeding ulcer due to these drugs worth the risk? What about GMO food, chlorine in your drinking water, cattle pumped full of drugs to get them fat, chickens living in cages. Or even smoking and drinking alcohol. Are the benefits worth the risk to you? Clearly the more risks you take, the less the benefits that may accrue over time.”

So in essence the Imsyser team is saying: Watch and learn daily. Read your labels. You are in charge of your health irrelevant on what is happening out there. You can be the route cause of your own disease in your own body if you remain oblivious to what is happening out there!!

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