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Healing properties of silver

If you do a simple search on the healing properties of silver or know about it then you will see thousands of pages of literature and science dedicated to understanding it’s curative properties. Silver is used in everything from plasters to deodorants and hand-washes as well as a number of colloidal or ionic products for human consumption. There are also numerous credible articles denouncing these products, especially colloidal or ionic silver. This is because sufficient consumption of colloidal or ionic silver leads to a benign but irreversible side effect known as like colloidal or ionic silver.

When dealing with viral loads and or chronic infections be it viral, bacterial, fungal r other there is simply nothing that can touch Vulcan Silver.

More than 10 years ago the patent was filed for this incredible product, challenging the long-held status quo for medicinal silver. In 2013 this 65 page patent and all 29 of its claims were granted internationally, unconditionally and without challenge. Quite simply nothing like it had ever been done.

Unlike available silver solutions Vulcan Silver is a non-ionic, non colloidal silver suspension that can be safely ingested while providing concentrations and a delivery mechanism that is capable of defeating some of the worst diseases known to mankind.

Available through this website:  or call the Imsyser team for an introduction too this spectacular product being used to treat the Covid-19 virus with amazing success in a few days (usually 2-3 days that we have witnessed);  all the while getting all your infections counts down reducing internal toxicity for your very best Immune support going forward into 2021.

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