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The Focus Today is on Micro-organisms

bacteria looking for the real havoc created

With all the focus on viruses, bacteria looking for the real havoc created with the respiratory issues affecting so many during this pandemic, has turned the focus onto micro-organisms, the damage they can do especially in Immune compromised times and how to manage these.

A diverse array of bacteria, parasite and viruses live in the human body making up the total microbiome, which pretty much out numbers all human cells by 10:1, and, pretty much regulates most systems in the body as well. It’s ensuring the correct balance is maintained between the good and the not so good organisms which might be the game player.

So too, we find a similar status with our oral microbiome. For many years we have been made aware of the harmful potential of bad bacteria affecting our heart health and managing that healthy status is of crucial importance to literally prevent death. Now researchers have discovered similar deathly potentials in bacteria found in the mouth that relate to certain cancers.

Similarly, a diverse array of bacteria live in the human mouth as part of a vital ecosystem known as our oral microbiome. F. nucleatum, a common bacteria found in the mouth, has been found to  potentially cause existing cancer cells in other parts of the body to spread, especially in the colon.

These bacteria have been found to travel through the blood to different sites in the body where they are associated with serious infections of the brain, liver, and heart; preterm birth in pregnant women; and are present in high levels in colon tumours.

Life-style Issues; Your Compromise

As always, lifestyle is firstly causal in most cases where “disease” becomes prevalent and poor oral hygiene could cause the bacteria to migrate to other parts of the body where cancers exist. There is evidence between severe gum disease and colorectal cancer just as there is evidence between severe gum disease and heart associated diseases, even Diabetes.

Some of the questions asked in the studies as regards the metastasis of these cancers is questioned on the one hand, when many other previous studies have found a clear link to parasites and cancer. In my understanding it simply indicates the symbiosis between these organisms, when in over-dive, literally overtaking health systems, and through this process of metastasis, cause extreme inflammatory reactions in the body and possibly could be the underlying reason for the actual cancer?!

I have attached some of the findings below but when you look at the information on hand: “F. nucleatum sticks to and even enters cancer cells using the protein Fap2, which docks with sugars over-represented on the surface of cancer cells. This in turn causes cancer cells to release two proteins known as IL-8 and CXCL1, which are members of the cytokine protein family that play critical roles in immune system activation against infections.” – there is no doubt that Immunity is core and core to Immunity is ensuring a regular maintenance of the microbiome not only in the mouth but so too in the body….starting in the gut…and your gut starts with the oral cavity in reality.

They go on to explain “the cytokine combination of IL-8 and CXCL1 was previously shown in multiple studies to induce the spread of cancer cells. However, Slade and his team believe this is the first example of a tumour-associated bacterium producing this distinct cytokine combination. These cytokines released by an infected cell then can talk back to the same cell or those signals can be sent out to other cancer cells, immune cells, and various other cell types that surround a tumour. In essence, one infected cell could be affecting multiple neighbouring cells, so there doesn’t have to be a widespread infection within a tumour for it to be influencing a large surrounding area.”

In essence, once again, a compromised Immune response has no ability to counter-attack the process in its various stages of attack – the very thing that it was designed to do in a healthy individual!! They mention that “IL-8 and CXCL1 contributing to cellular migration or metastasis, they are also potent immune cell attractants, which can lead to inflammation; a hallmark of cancer. The attraction and subsequent infection of immune cells known as neutrophils and macrophages by F. nucleatum could in turn lead to additional pro-cancerous proteins being released”  and the more we learn about cancer in a compromised body (which might take years to get to!) – the next step, Cancer, is simply a given!!

Sourced: Science Signalling Provided by Virginia Tech

So, Going Back to Basics!

We, at Imsyser do not say we cure cancers, and or rule or regulate oral microbiome or body microbiome to cure cancers; but what we do at Imsyser Health is ensuring the ‘awareness’ in the first place, and then understanding that which we can do to a very large extent managing what happens next. It is undeniably true that you are what you eat and think – some things you can manage. So too, with your Immunity. Managing your very best Immunity now is not just ‘boosting’; it but quite the opposite, not as was always presented to be the case in the past – it is a very fine balance between supplying all your healthy essential wholefood nutritional needs (that which your food should supply but seldom does) whilst managing the level of internal toxicity, for your healthiest balance, to ensure your Immune System has the ability to focus on doing what it was designed to do – without compromised ‘excess’ driving your auto-immunity.

At Imsyser we have the products to serve you best to help you attain and maintain this. Nutritional products from wholefood sources and a few ‘detox’ products to help you gently assist your body in getting rid of any waste, ensuring internal balance. Add good sleep, a little sunlight, a little exercise, enough healthy water and good thoughts to the equation and Nature will help your body sort the rest.

Its not what we do – manufacturing health products – but how we do it; with the approach we take – that is what makes all the difference. And we share because we care…its that simple.

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