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The Big Discussion about Ivermectin

The Big Discussion about Ivermectin? Need to know…

The Big Discussion about Ivermectin. I often look at the huge discussions going around this veterinary anti-parasitic product being used, “apparently illegally”, as a treat for COVID-19. My argument – is it because it is only for veterinary use and if the key problem is that if it is for animals only but does huge damage to the liver why would I give it to either party.

Or is it the problem where everything is just so totally corrupt according to “someone, somewhere for some or other reason”? But as we argue the ongoing global debate we are left with considering, is there other anti-parasitic products in the market place that have stood the test of time not necessarily sold in a ‘big pharma’ but online as with the Imsyser parasite cleanse, that has been around for many years?

We all eat food, have contact with soil and water, eat pork and or sushi, have contact with animals (including pets), have compromised immune systems these days (modern day toxicity), have travelled and or gut issues with huge emphasis on the microbe neglect/dysfunction which puts us at risk for parasites. Is this something you should be running away from or possibly paying attention to when these are all the trigger terms being used during this Pandemic, first world all the way through to third world developing countries.

In fact, gut issues are core to most of our compromised Immune conditions and therefore core to ensuring metabolic diseases are not keeping us at risk in this time.

Any undiagnosed, untreated gut infections could be holding you back from healing… and might even be the source of various gut symptoms like.

Constipation and Diarrhoea




Brain Fog


Weight gain or loss

Hormone issues

SIBO and IBS……and potential parasitic overgrowth if you are not careful.


The big discussion
Parasite cleanse spray

Parasites have been linked to many studies done on cancer in the past decade which leaves much food for thought considering compromised health issues, this very health factor placing you at risk during this time. I for one solely because my knowledge on the benefits of Wormwood in the Imsyser Parasite cleanse (which all of us should be doing seasonally anyway!!!) used my Imsyser parasite cleanser the first 3months of the 1st wave of the Pandemic every day.

I used the spray morning and night (couple of sprays down the throat) or whenever remembered or sipped with some water for those battling with taste-bud issue. Strongly believe to a large extent now that the results are out about Ivermectin, that might have been part of the help on offer.

It’s the Imsyser Health product range that kept the team and all around us safe and healthy

Of course, the daily Imsyser probiotic remains core to healthy gut functioning. Above all, other health issues including maintaining a healthy internal balance. Optimising your healthy bacteria throughout the body. This refers to all the microbiome house in our body. Starting, of course, from within the gut.

Optimise the Immunity and you are set go. It is that simple. With the wholefood supplement that has all your nutritional needs. All essential nutrition including Zinc, vit C, vit D and various others. All-in-one from a wholefood source. Making it more bio-available. That most chemical alternatives that often might be wasted out of the body. Affordable health has never been this easily accessible countrywide.

For those already sick we suggest you try our Vulcan silver super powerful. Antiviral, antiparasitic, antifungal and antibacterial. Newer nanotechnology on the old COLOIDAL SILVER technology. Years ahead of any competitors and also patented across the globe.

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