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The Age Old Weight Stories

The Age Old Weight Stories; the tip is simple but it is real.

You might think that the links between antibiotic use and weight gain is a stretch but you would be mistaken. We often think that the only cause of weight gain is poor diet and exercise but the medications you take may also have a hand in it. Studies published in 2014 and 2015 positively associated chronic use of antibiotic use to abnormal weight gain in infants, children & adults.

And more specifically studies have proven more recently when a daily dose of probiotics is taken, it will not only assist in healthy Immune & Gut functioning but also optimise good nutritional uptake thereby assisting in the body accessing ‘nutrition’  and the accompanying full feeling ( or more specifically the feeling of not ‘needing’ more). Also if gut health is improved the natural ability to rid of the waste out of the body is facilitated and this too plays a major role in weight-loss.

For this purpose Imsyser Health Products have managed to access a uniquely designed probiotic for gut health, mimicking optimal gut health with a 12 strain cocktail of prebiotics and probiotics in symbiosis with each other. A natural supply of digestive enzymes present in this cocktail also assists in good digestion making this amazing product excellent in assisting in not only a healthy balance but also various gut discrepancies.

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