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The Age-old Red Wine vs Your Health Issue Revealed.

Drinking red wine responsibly

We have been told that drinking red wine responsibly and in moderate amounts may be among the healthiest things you can do. And in winter months is one of the nicer memories to take you through a cold season next to a fireplace, obviously classic ‘pandemics’ excluded!   

Red wine is surprisingly rich in antioxidants—specifically, polyphenols and flavonoids that give it its rich colour and complex flavours. Antioxidants can do wonders for your heart, decrease cardiovascular disease risk, protect your brain, lower your blood pressure, and even potentially extend your lifespan. Well that is if you are not competing with your green teas for your healthier day time activities.

Red Wine and Your Gut Bacteria

Now this is where the Imsyser team really start to take notice!! Gut health is our speciality and even though alcohol seems to be the ‘no-go’ of the moment in South Africa only I might add for whatever reason the team is associating it with for health reasons during this pandemic, we are paying special attention to detail on the newer studies on red wine and its health benefits.

Two recent studies looked into the effects of red wine on your gut health. Specifically, how the polyphenols (antioxidants) in red wine interact with the bacteria living in your gut…and guess what:

Study No1 – the bioactive compounds in red wine actually not only improved gut bacteria, but helped to combat the pathogenic (bad) bacteria responsible for disease and infection!!!

“It turned out that the polyphenols derived from grapes helped to modulate gut bacteria and contributed to “beneficial microbial ecology that can enhance human health benefits”. The gut bacteria turned the polyphenols into phenolic metabolites, which in turn led to an improvement in gut bacteria function. It was described as “a two-way relationship between the gut microbiota and polyphenolic compounds”…wow!!

Study No 2: showed how red wine polyphenols help to improve gut health.

“The wine polyphenols have beneficial effects on the gut microbiota as they are being metabolized, and the intestinal bacteria actually turn those polyphenols into specific bioavailable metabolites. These metabolites can have a positive effect on the digestive tract, as well as in system-wide organs and tissues after they are absorbed into the body.”

In reality by drinking red wine, you can give the beneficial bacteria in your intestines the antioxidants they need to combat harmful bacteria, which in turn makes your body—and your Immune System—a whole lot stronger and more resistant. And, I would like to add my own bit in this regard, it is a fact that red wine has been around since biblical days where mention of such for your ‘stomach issues’ are mentioned!!  

It is true that we are talking about a good quality wine, produced with less of the sulfurs and I guess more aged would be even better. Once again, I would imagine that soils quality affects all in all regards assisting to the benefit your gut microbiota. Just enough to heal the gut, heal the mood, without overstepping any lines is pretty much my suggestion! Not for all but well worth mentioning for those that do enjoy a little red wine. Cheers!!

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