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Testimony Time

I want to give an update on a previous testimony about my 4 year old daughter’s health.

About a month ago, I testified as to how Imsyser tablets and probiotics did miracles for my little girl, who where on constant medication and lots of antibiotics.

It has been more or less two months since she started using the products, with an immune system that were totally  run down (non-existent).  I took her off lots of chronic medication, and started her on Imsyser products.  The rest of the winter we went without any medication, and no illnesses.  On Friday I had to take her to the doctor for the first time after the winter, due to high fever.  The doctor found slightly swollen glands, and I were told that because of her very good immune system, her body are fighting whatever caused the fever, and that no medication was necessary, except for a light nasal spray.  We broke the fever by cooling her down several times, and nothing else .

My child now have a healthy active immune system, and at least don’t need antibiotics to keep her going.  The Imsyser tablets are truly a fantastic product to stabilize your immune system. It built her system from 0 – 100%.

Liza Duvenhage

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