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Testimony Time with Imsyser

Testimony Time with Imsyser. High Blood Pressure 

Testimony Time with Imsyser While millions of people are devastated mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially due to the global pandemic – people with chronic diseases like High Blood Pressure, to mention but one condition, are battling as the pressure increases whilst dealing with “life in 2020-2021”.

Most people still resort to dealing with High Blood Pressure with meds. It is in these times that the less toxicity entering the body. Leading to many of the metabolic syndromes over time. Could quite possibly be dealt with using natural wholefood. Sourced heath products to help alleviate High blood pressure. 

Here’s our client with this wonderful testimony:

“Hi how are you?. Yooh I’m over the moon. I went to see my doctor today & found out after taking your products my blood pressure was very very normal.  118/83 for the 1st time ever. Last month when I went for my check up it was on 155/105 & it was like that for a long time the medication couldn’t control it. Your supplements works like magic. I’m so happy. In August I lost my pregnancy because of high blood pressure 😭😭😭😭. I just hope it will stay like this…”

We are not doctors, but we care and we also know and understand the true value of dealing with core issues when dealing with metabolic syndromes, any of them, and the main issues usually relates to core issues at gut level, especially toxicity, manifesting in compromised immunity and the resultant syndrome. Modern day metabolic syndromes also seem to be the one issue leading to most hospitalisations during this horrid Pandemic!! 

Our suggestion is always a good clean out and clean up starting with a parasite cleanse if you dare, followed through with a 7 day deep intestinal cleanse too remove all the old, impacted waste and then optimize gut and Immunity through the very best Pre and Probiotic in the market-place taken in conjunction with a daily wholefood supplement that also does a daily gentle cellular flush. And in bad cases add the Imsyser Chaya tabs to further improve circulation for your very best High blood pressure results as in this case:

But if you are unsure call us to find your very best combination of product for your niche need. we care and we just love helping; but otherwise, the 3 core products are available countrywide at Dischems or simply click here:

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