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Testimony Time

Uplifting moments

It is always just so amazing when people share their testimonies as it is not only uplifting too the Imsyser team but also too those around since we prefer you too stay anonymous yet get the full health value out in the open – so thank you too al those that do share and for all the other, please feel free too share you will stay anonymous.  

Imsyser follower

“Hi , I am “anonymous”, I suffer from persistent flatulence, cramping and bloating whenever I eat , it doesn’t matter what the food is I still suffer from excessive flatulence afterwards. which of your products are recommended for me to use for my excessive flatulence?”

Dianne’s response

Hi “anonymous”!

“Please start with the probiotic to improve bloating and as soon as you feel better do the 7 day deep intestinal cleanse to remove Impacted waste that is bloating you all the whole continuing with the probiotic.

You should feel better in a few days, but long term results you will feel amazing after cleanse. Please keep me updated. PS have you ever battled with parasites since this is common in chronic cases?? Should also eventually be done soonest you feel better”. Dianne

The Result

“Hi Dianne , I took your advice on starting the intestinal cleanse and using the probiotics with 45ml a day. I feel better already even though today is day 4. My acne has reduced and the bloating has subsided and I’ve been having better sleep. I no longer have excessive flatulence and cramping as I used to before taking the probiotics. I just want to say that your product is amazing.”

The amazing thing about testimonies is not the fact that we aim to assist with the problem on hand delving back to the route  of the problem and persevere till we get results, 100% naturally of course; but, often we end up seeing add on health results which we know should happen even though we were not aware of the problem but when you are dealing with root issues – often the gut – you end up solving most other stray issues with time:

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