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Testimony From A Client (Nandi) – Imsyser Intestinal Cleanse

Good morning,

In hope that this message finds you well.

Im Nandi and i would like to share my testimony.

So I started my intestinal cleanse on Thursday the 28th of September and today marks the 1st of October and im still on my cleanse until the 3rd of October. Two days into my cleanse i had soo much energy I couldn’t sleep. I woke up and started cleaning the house and did laundry. Just to mention that I flew from China on the 25th of September’s feeling terrible and numb from being back home. Shanghai has been great and coming back home has left me depressed!!

Anyway so to cut the story short, I was just about to email you that I’m on the forth day and I’m not seeing any mucus plaque from my poo, until the bathroom called Went to the bathroom and did number 2 from a small white bucket and man oh man what come out was horrific!!! About two feet long of rubbery, slimy mucus plaque went out of my gut!! I was excited cause that’s the result I’ve been waiting for so I decided to take a video of all the excess I’ve been carrying for all these years!!

I’m happy, I feel good and I’m lighter..we on the positive side today and I hope this feeling persists.

Thank you so much for a great product. Keep up the good work!!!

Imsyser you saved my life!!!

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