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Teeth Issues And So Much More …

Teeth Issues And So Much More and discussing such as an oral hygienist (for literally 32 years!!) I have done battle with the concept of fluorides for teeth. We all have  to brush our teeth – no debating around this – twice a day. New clinical trials have now proven that a daily dose of probiotics is excellent for oral health especially if you do battle with periodontitis (gum disease) Yet, many still brush their teeth with toothpaste that contains one of the most toxic substances on earth: fluoride.

As I was the first in line, the oldest child, I didn’t have the benefits of fluoride (my dad was a dentist) and I guess you can guess the results… My youngest sister however was a ‘fluoride generation baby’ and had amazing teeth. That is, of course, taking into account, we are all different. Different DNA. But the benefit  to your teeth – does it out-weigh the lack of similar to your health?? You decide…

“The Material Data Sheets label sodium fluoride as toxic if inhaled, ingested, or put on skin. The data sheet goes on to warn people handling fluoride to use safety glasses and gloves. In addition, fluorides are considered more toxic than lead, and only slightly less toxic than arsenic. Fluoride, used in many popular dental products, enters your body when you brush your teeth. Poison control receives thousands of calls from people with concerns about excessive fluoride consumption from such products as toothpaste, vitamins, and mouthwash. Fluoride poisons the body, and can even be fatal.”

Other options are available at most health shops and I must admit regularly I just use good old bicarb which might be slightly abrasive but there again if you know how to brush properly, this also good. I know one of the reasons toothpaste remains the no 1 choice is also the whitening effect and of course that remains to be addressed as to what additives are being used to do exactly this.

It is no go for fluoride rinses. And no go for adding fluoride to water. In a truly atrocious oral state where teeth restoration is the aim, I could live with a short-term usage, but, ultimately, is oral health also not a nutritional issue and a lifestyle issue?? I leave you with this thought. I know my ideas on this. Knowledge is Power

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