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Talking About Weight Loss and These Issues ..

One of the biggest problems is the fact that we read ‘hunger’ signs as such and not as ‘thirsty’ signs; most humans are chronically dehydrated and as such the body is screaming for more – not more food – but more hydration.

How do we entice the mind to want more water? Well try by flavouring the water with lemon and adding a touch of ice to chill the water, as if you were drinking a soda. Carry the water with you wherever you go so that the temptation is reduced to eat, and more importantly, to drink. Even herbal teas can be added for flavour as opposed to drinking unhealthy coffee or tea all day with the added unwanted extras such as milk and sugar.

Water and especially fibre will make you feel full. The fibre needs the water to swell and fill you and using the Imsyser Deep Intestinal Cleanse is one sure way to ensure this added help. Remember you need a lot of water to ensure this swelling ( for the actual resultant removal of the toxic mucoidal plaque) and of course the water your body actually really needs for effective hydration. For more on this ugly, toxic, polluting layer visit our website on the product designed to assist removal of this unwanted waste.

Certain food craving hormones, hunger hormones, have been identified as crucial in weight management. Ghrelin. Once you are hungry, or more specifically the stomach is relatively empty, the hormone is stimulated –an appetite stimulating hormone – and the problem develops from here. If the intestines do not respond once a meal has been taken in with the appetite suppressing hormone, PYY, then you actually have a double complication as far as weight is concerned. The signal telling your body that you actually are full is not sent or received.

One of the ways to counteract this of course would then to be fill up with a glass of water half an hour before a meal. The following list of foods may be suggested to assist as appetite suppressants inclusive of serotonin increasing amino acids:
Avocado extract tablets; Chickweed; Cumin; Dahlia Roots ; Evening Primrose Oil ; Fennel; GLA;
Gymnema Sylvestre; Hawthorn Berries; Nuts; Pepermint Tea; Spirulina; Stevia; 5 – HTP; L –Phenylanine; Tyrosine; Garcinia Cambogia; Ephedra; Guarana; red Rasberry leaf tea; Yerba Mate; Hercampure; Green Tea; Chromium; Zinc; and your vit. B’s. Many of these will effectively assist in curbing appetite or the craving as such – emotional eaters. Serotonin or the feel good hormone is crucial in establishing healthy eating habits.

It is however about lifestyle. Exercise is crucial but so too enough sleep. One of the fastest ways of actually putting on weight is by the lack of good effective sleep.

You are what you eat; and we all know what to eat or not to eat by now. One of the best ways of assisting yourself in this program is to establish first and foremost what blood group your body belongs too or more specifically what foods your body would respond best to for your own bodily needs. Each one of us has a very unique blood ID and this often has very little to do with your dedicated blood group per se. For assistance in this regard call our offices at Imsyser for more on this.

Your health is the one things that no amount of money can buy to restore, once lost. It is in your hands and we at the Imsyser offices would like to assist where possible in this regard.

Visit our website at for more on this or call 086 010 3859.

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