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Medical science lies to us when we are told that cancer treatments ( cut, radiate or chemo- treat)¬† are the only treatments available to truly rid your body of cancer. No!! Your own immune system was Devinely designed to protect you from alien invaders or alien self-mimicking cells such as cancer cell ( changed or worn our self cells) – if it is not ‘you’ it is dead to you and the immune system ,fully optimized, should be able to assist us in removing these. The immune system is the army designed to detect and remove these.

> All cells regenerate and have the ability to replace old dysfunctional cells and therefore we can,once afflicted with cancer or dis-ease, have our health status reversed. YOU are in charge of your own health and NOT governed by any existing state or DNA!! If bone marrow (immune producing) cells can regenerate so can you! All the transport systems through the body can also regenerate so we are classically speaking safe to say we ARE in control of our health.

In other words the waste systems are designed to remove waste not needed or bad. Spleen, kidneys, liver, various blood cells (white), lymph are designed to assist ‘health’ we are a Devinely designed macro system that needs intricate orchestration yet has the ability to restore if the BALANCE is lost. It is all about balance !! Therefore what you ‘put in’ counts ( enough said about this since it relates to “you are what you eat”) as well as how effectively you take out unneeded waste out of the body.

The Imsyser 3 Step Kit was designed to assist in all these aspects  where we have failed our bodies.ImsyserKit The immune stabilizing tablet has all the essential ingredients to support optimal immune health where the 2 other immune related products assist in effective gut functioning ( thereby also supporting immune health) but also in removing toxic waste daily or otherwise and help in establishing this healthy balance that is required to mimic the Devine intention of the body Рsupport health not support dis-ease!! Follow us on www. for more on these amazing products

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