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Toxic Waste In Our Gut And Un-trapping The Liver

ANY road to true wellness starts with getting rid of the road block – toxic waste in our GUT and ‘UN-TRAPPING’ your LIVER. Anything we ingest that our bodies have difficulty with is normally covered with mucus as a defensive reaction – this could include the many chemicals used in … Read more

Health & Beauty From The Inside Out

Health & Beauty from the inside out Beauty that has evolved so dramatically in recent years. There is a new aesthetic in town and it’s health and wellness – no matter your shape or size. The “beauty industry” has been slowly shape shifting – with social media leading the way … Read more

Inner Beauty And Health Brings Out “True Beauty”

True Beauty: It’s that simple. If you’re unhealthy or unhappy, you simply don’t look or seem beautiful – no matter how much (or little) you weigh or how much make-up you apply. In future, more emphasis will be put on the brain/beauty connection with the study of neuroaesthetics, the science … Read more

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