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Detox your body before the Holidays

Chemical Overload in Modern day living! “As more toxic chemicals have been introduced to our everyday environment in greater amounts over the last 20 to 30 years, the level of toxins stored in adipose tissues (fat cells) of our bodies have risen. Bioaccumulation studies have shown that some toxins store … Read more

Blood Pressure Issues…?

Attending to Your Blood Pressure Issues Today. Most of us have had our blood pressure taken at some time in our lives. The procedure is straightforward and provides the health care professional with vital data regarding the condition of the patient’s blood vessels and heart. What the doctor doesn’t tell … Read more

Why we selling Chaya at Imsyser…

AN INCIDENTAL BUT SIGNIFICANT DISCOVERY! – READ THE STORY. EXPOSURE TO CHAYA – As we are in the Dietary Supplement business we have always had a keen interest to learn more about the capabilities of natural products. It just so happened that we learned of Chaya for the first time … Read more

Weightloss, health and much much more…..

Weightloss, health and much much more…..   Cutting out wheat and sugar (particularly fructose and avoiding all artificial sweeteners of all kinds ), is a crucial step if you want to normalize your weight. Paying attention to what you replace them with is equally important. One of your most basic … Read more

Boost Good Gut Bacteria, Lose Weight and Feel Great

Understanding weight gain & weight loss Boost Good Gut Bacteria, Lose Weight and Feel Great! that the motto for today. this is the only way for weight to be dropped permanently. You want a firmer, flatter belly? Stop obsessing over your abs and focus on what’s going on underneath them. … Read more

The Link Between Your Gut’s Bacteria And Obesity

We share with you another extract from Dr David Perlmutter’s book, Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain – for Life. We will look at the link between your gut’s bacteria and obesity and how your intestinal flora can make you fat and the … Read more

The Importance of Gut Homeostasis

The Importance of Gut Homeostasis. The inside of the gut consist of billions micro-organisms, an estimated 400 species, an adult human being has approximately 1,5 kg of living organism in their gut. This forms part of the external equilibrium of the body, they do not form part of the inside … Read more

Chronic Weight Trouble

New scientific evidence shows that chronic weight trouble & belly fat is NOT just about cutting calories, lack of exercise, or laziness – it’s about stopping the hidden cycle that traps your body in toxic fat! Unlike regular fat, visceral fat is brimming with unhealthy, toxic chemicals. And these toxins … Read more

Weight & Cellulite Issues

We have had a good summer in SA; elsewhere it may be leading to summer where we possibly bare(d) all but now is the time to pay attention to all those weight issues and hidden cellulite ‘head-aches’ and ‘prune’ ourselves not just for the next season but for life! We … Read more


Imsyser is dedicated to help with all kinds of health issues.  With our joint venture with 4phat, we would like to introduce this product as an ideal meal replacement for all of those moms and dads on the run.  It is even an amazing product to add to a lunch … Read more

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