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It’s ALWAYS About Your Gut

It’s ALWAYS about your gut. Mind your gut TODAY to avoid trouble TOMORROW!! Gut health plays a major role in overall health and to optimise your gut should be your no 1 priority! Some tips from the Imsyser team to assist in maximising on this as you optimise your Gut … Read more

Drink More Water!! Weight-Loss? More Water!!

Drink More Water!! Weight-loss? More Water!! Imsyser tip of the Week Don’t ever underestimate the power of water to change your life, your health and you weight! The human body is composed of mostly water. Water is required for survival: Water helps regulate metabolism and control appetite. Water improves cognitive … Read more

Weight Management Tricks From The Imsyser Team

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT tricks from the Imsyser team Basics: Enough water Daily Probiotic Exercise or move daily Go green on the diet NO Sugar A little sunlight Rest and Forgiveness But let’s touch on another one using an old age secret Apple Cider. It’s part of your early morning routine that … Read more

Are You Preparing Your Body For Summer Holidays?

Are You Preparing Your Body For Summer Holidays? It’s time for summer slenderising or just bumping off that little extra we seemed to gather this past winter. A seasonal detox is needed to ‘clear’ the systems and thus assist in good riddance of toxic waste and render all these systems clear … Read more


“COULD A MICROBE IN YOUR GUT HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT? ……..Sharing this study done on Good Bacteria & Weight loss….. ‘A study suggests that there is one bacteria linked to lower levels of blood sugar, insulin and fat. It’s possible that among the millions of bacteria living in your gut, … Read more

Sharing Weight Issues and More …

Sharing weight issues and the reasons behind these… New toxic elements pop up every day and we wonder why we battle with toxic overload, cancers and more. Most of the time these are hidden elements and due to lack of knowledge ( and we don’t read our labels!!) we are … Read more

Our Ageing Bodies and Probiotics

Probiotics are crucial for an ageing body and we all know getting older has many health challenges if you do not stay in touch with various good healthy life style choices. Have you ever wondered whether probiotics could do anything for an ageing body? Research has suggested that as you … Read more

Weight & Cellulite Issues

We have had a good summer in SA; elsewhere it may be leading to summer where we possibly bare(d) all but now is the time to pay attention to all those weight issues and hidden cellulite ‘head-aches’ and ‘prune’ ourselves not just for the next season but for life! We … Read more

Stress & Weight Gain

Stressful situations DO lead to weight gain, according to the latest studies. In a study researchers measured (blood sugar, insulin and the stress hormone cortisol) women’s metabolic rates and the results were quite horrific. We know that ‘Stress’ itself is not the ‘baddie’ and we also know that to dream … Read more


Imsyser is dedicated to help with all kinds of health issues.  With our joint venture with 4phat, we would like to introduce this product as an ideal meal replacement for all of those moms and dads on the run.  It is even an amazing product to add to a lunch … Read more

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