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Low Thyroid Activity – There Can Be Several Causes

Low thyroid activity!! Hypothyroidism can have a number of causes, starting and usually including autoimmune diseases, radiation therapy after cancer treatments, certain chemical medications, even pregnancy and iodine deficiency. If …

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How Your Liver Affects YOUR Health

How YOUR liver affects YOUR health. The liver is key to detoxification. Nutrients from our diets are processed for the body to use whilst toxic substances are removed and rendered …

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Balance and pH; the REAL Issue

Balance and pH; the REAL issue One of the key determinants of the speed of ageing and onset of degenerative diseases is the internal terrain of the body as best …

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Losing weight – Easy as 1,2,3.

Want to give up sugar without depriving yourself of “something sweet” from time to time?  A sugar-free diet can eliminate hundreds of calories every day – which will show up as lost pounds and inches from your body, month after month.

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