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Water is Life: Why?

Water carries essential minerals & salts ( good salts ) for essential basic cellular functioning! Water energizes! Best pick me up ever!!! Water reduces stress! Water heals! Water has almost become as expensive as fuel; a fundamentally crucial commodity and precious!! Water prevents disease! Salt laden water improves sleep! Water … Read more

More on use of Distilled Water

The Imsyser team regularly advise our clients battling with toxic overload to use distilled water over a 2 week period to help flush toxins out of the body and then to continue with water + freshly squeezed lemon juice to further such and improve the level of acidity in the … Read more

Interesting Water Facts

To avoid dehydration , the human body needs up to seven liters of water per day.  This will depend on factors such as, temperature, level of activity and humidity.  Depending on body size, 55% to 78% of the human body contains water.  

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The “SOLE” Purpose of Water

Water is the source of life.  Water in it’s most natural and pure form provides natural MINERALS to all living creatures, bringing life and protection on a cellular level for optimal health… Why are the MINERALS in Water important? They increase energy Controls body weight Healthy cells (skin, hair, nails, organs) … Read more

Interesting Water Facts 2

Water (from the Old English waeter; c.f German “Wasser,” from PIE *wod-or, “water”) is a tasteless, odorless and colorless substance in its pure state according to standard scientific definitions. Yes, contrary to the promoters of bottled water, pure water is scientifically tasteless. The difference that one detects in tastes of water comes from the presence of different mineral ions that the water molecules contain. However, even the “tasteless” pure water can be see to have a taste after one has become used to drinking water that has a distinctive flavor present, from the various mineral ions within it.

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Interesting Water Facts

How much distilled water should a person drink?

Dr. Reams taught that one can determine the amount of distilled water they need to consume per day by dividing their weight by 2 and converting the answer to ounces. For example, a 100-pound person would drink (100 ¸ 2 = 50) or approximately 50 ounces (1.5 quarts) of extra water through the day other than that obtained through food and additional beverages. Herbal teas can be counted in

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