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Vitamin D – The Essential Vitamin For Health

Sharing this bit of information. Just because we live in sunny SA is not always a guarantee we get enough healthy sunshine/vit. D in, especially the work force driven indoors with highly air-conditioned offices….the essential Vitamin you are almost certainly lacking…. 50% of the world’s population are, are you one … Read more

Lifestyle Changes

10 LIFESTYLE CHANGES TO REDUCE YOUR RISK OF CANCER & IMPROVE IMMUNE FUNCTIONING:  Go Organic. Go Green! Choose low fat. Cut out refined sugars. Cut out processed foods. Cut out preservatives and salts. This will prevent your body from having to fight all the toxins a poor diet offers and … Read more

Natural Supply of Energy

In modern day living the need for a natural supply of energy is crucially important to keep us going. We can depend on Vit D /the role of the sun in this regard or simply put, use an even more natural source ‘people energy’ by coming into contact with fellow … Read more

Sensible Sun Exposure

Sensible sun exposure appears to be the best way to optimize your vitamin D level. Keeping in mind that we live in sunny SA and are in the middle of a beautiful summer we lay emphasis on the ‘sensible’ part of our statement. If your circumstances don’t allow you to … Read more

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