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Dealing Blood Sugar Issues

Diabetes studies Blood sugar elevation has become a core health issue these days because of its well-established relationship to so many chronic conditions including Alzheimer’s, diabetes, obesity, various cancers and …

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Obesity Increases 2020

Lock-down side effects Lifestyle changes means Africa faces a growing obesity problem – 50% by 2030!! Looking at the Africa trends as stipulated by one of my esteemed colleagues, we …

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Type II Diabetes

One of the fastest-growing diseases is Type II diabetes (adult-onset diabetes), a condition in which the body’s ability to use carbohydrates is impaired by inefficient insulin function. Normally abnormally high …

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The Ugly truth about Diabetes

If you suffer from diabetes, you already know the problems. Diabetes steals your quality of life.

You probably spend lots of money every month on expensive drugs. But there’s a bigger price you pay with those drugs—the awful side effects.

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