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Imsyser is dedicated to help with all kinds of health issues.  With our joint venture with 4phat, we would like to introduce this product as an ideal meal replacement for all of those moms and dads on the run.  It is even an amazing product to add to a lunch … Read more

Toxic Gut Bugs & Fatloss

Your gut is so MUCH more than a digestion centre; in fact, it is quite literally your second brain as well as being “home” to 80% of your immune system and houses roughly 100 TRILLION living bacteria… more than 10 times the number of cells you have in your entire … Read more

Toxins – What can we do…

The Imsyser team is dedicated to help educate all our clients and anybody interested in viewing our website. The video we are sharing ( based on a TV programme in the USA) is a rude reality of the toxic environment we are living in and we are dedicated to trying … Read more

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