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Our Western Diet Makes Our Bodies More Acidic

Our modern day Western diet makes our bodies more acidic. A more acidic body, WILL lead to chronic metabolic syndrome and from there diseases such as cancer ;heart disease and more. Cancer cells can also create their own acid, a small area in and around cancer cells, called the micro-environment. … Read more

The Dangers Of Flavour Enhancers

Flavour enhancers are derived and processed from seaweed, monosodium glutamate, aka MSG, and is a prevalent ingredient in a wide variety of processed foods. Everything that needs flavouring. This is not the worst part; it actually plays havoc with your brain and almost causes an addiction of sorts and we … Read more

Holidays & Weight Management

No one expects you to maintain the perfect balance all the time but one of the added benefits of the holidays is about just releasing into the pleasure of the holiday and it’s amazing to see how weight actually manages to settle when stress levels are reduced. Even knowing this, … Read more

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