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Digestion Starts In The Mind

Digestion starts in the “mind”… …so if the mind is in a state of mental stress, the body will have elevated cortisol and stress-hormones that shut down the digestive process. This is a very normal response. And, of course, there is no underestimating the stress of a Pandemic to cause … Read more

Know When You Are Full – Imsyser Tip Of The Week

Know When You Are Full Imsyser tip of the Week Your stomach can hold, on average, 17 cups of foodstuffs. However, the feeling of being full does not come when that 17- cup limit has been reached. It occurs when your brain reacts to chemicals released when you eat or … Read more

You And Your Gut Health

You and Your Gut Health Gut Health is Key Today! It is Key to your Health and it  is Key to Your Immunity. And without effective Immunity your health is seriously at risk!! Most visits to health practitioners will either directly or indirectly stem from these two concerns which are … Read more

Digestive Health And Weight

The festive season where digestive health and weight issues come to play; and  over eating rules.  Imsyser to the rescue! Digestive Health And Weight issues discussed. The mere introduction of a daily probiotic, either pre- or post big meal/party, is the simplest solution void of bloating, discomfort, IBS and any of … Read more

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