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Heart Health and Overall Health

The Difference Plant Sterols Make To Your Heart Health and Overall Health HDL, is your good cholesterol that adds value to your health and your heart. LDL, is your bad cholesterol which needs management through lifestyle choices….but is there more? But as shared, Scientists have now uncovered another type of … Read more

Balancing And Restoration Of Your Immune System

So much is written on the good fats we need especially now that Banting is so big. I am not particularly Banting pro but I do however recognise the importance of good fats for overall good health. In this regard I am sharing some interesting facts on the Imsyser tablets. Balancing … Read more

The Effectiveness of Aloe Vera

Sharing info on the Effectiveness of Aloe Vera and its many uses; also an active ingredient in most of the Imsyser range with amazing results and testimonies.  Findings: Wound healing: By day 5, 90% of wounds were healed (complete re-epithelialisation) with aloe  compared with 40-50% without aloe. Wound healing was … Read more

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