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Summer Trick To Help That Weight-Loss

Sharing Sugar Rush info & tips…. 7 TIPS when cravings sneak into your brain and you simply CANNOT think of anything else but a whole pack of chocolate or whatever sweet thing you can lay your hands on… Do a quick 5-10 min WORKOUT. You don’t need a gym for … Read more

Lifestyle Changes

10 LIFESTYLE CHANGES TO REDUCE YOUR RISK OF CANCER & IMPROVE IMMUNE FUNCTIONING:  Go Organic. Go Green! Choose low fat. Cut out refined sugars. Cut out processed foods. Cut out preservatives and salts. This will prevent your body from having to fight all the toxins a poor diet offers and … Read more

Water is Life: Why?

Water carries essential minerals & salts ( good salts ) for essential basic cellular functioning! Water energizes! Best pick me up ever!!! Water reduces stress! Water heals! Water has almost become as expensive as fuel; a fundamentally crucial commodity and precious!! Water prevents disease! Salt laden water improves sleep! Water … Read more

Natural Supply of Energy

In modern day living the need for a natural supply of energy is crucially important to keep us going. We can depend on Vit D /the role of the sun in this regard or simply put, use an even more natural source ‘people energy’ by coming into contact with fellow … Read more

The Importance of Water

Dry mouth is not necessarily an indication of dehydration. Water is a crucial solvent, necessary for every cellular activity from birth! We were created from within water and are made up of mostly 80 % water therefore a crucial necessity! We are not talking about water in a drink of … Read more

Stress & Weight Gain

Stressful situations DO lead to weight gain, according to the latest studies. In a study researchers measured (blood sugar, insulin and the stress hormone cortisol) women’s metabolic rates and the results were quite horrific. We know that ‘Stress’ itself is not the ‘baddie’ and we also know that to dream … Read more

Home Exercise – Day 7

Day 7 and Exercise #7 – Lunge Standing with your feet hip-width apart, take a big step forward with your right foot until both knees are bent at about a 90 degree angle.  Keep your back in a straight upright position. Keep that position for a second, then push back … Read more

Sensible Sun Exposure

Sensible sun exposure appears to be the best way to optimize your vitamin D level. Keeping in mind that we live in sunny SA and are in the middle of a beautiful summer we lay emphasis on the ‘sensible’ part of our statement. If your circumstances don’t allow you to … Read more

Positive vs Negative Stress

Written by Dr. Caroline Leaf. We have been told stress is always detrimental to our bodies. Not so! There is such a thing as positive stress! Let me explain. Stress is the bodies reaction influences coming from outside or inside the body. Stress has three stages. Stage One is positive. … Read more

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